keskiviikko 15. syyskuuta 2010

The Finnish photographer and journalist of the Kavkaz Center’s editorial team

Doku Umarov’s terrorist organization has found Finnish supporters. It is possible that he has own Finnish photographers and journalists for the needs of Kavkaz Center terrorist web-site. Doku Umarov has told several times that Kavkaz Center is his official media, where he invites new extreme persons to be members of this terrorist gang. By this media he has often announced actions against “Putin’s dog” and “soft muslims” (who can and want to live in peace with Russian national officials). The Finnish journalist team of Kavkaz Center has written several insulting articles against me and Abdullah Tammi, and they insisted that we would be some kind of “Putin’s dog”. In reality, we are ordinary Finnish persons and we haven’t any supporter and sponsor in this our problems with Kavkaz Center. Unfortunately, nobody came to us and spoke with us for consultation. We are too lonely.

Already earlier it was possible to do conclusions that we have unfortunately some editorial team of Kavkaz Center in Finland, but a new insulting article reveals the face of their Finnish photographer, when we connect this photo of Kavkaz Center with other video. We can easily find him. See photo and see video (who is photographer for Kavkaz Center?)!

Could you compare the perspective between this man and photo from Kavkaz Center (for more details, see our video)?

Terrorist web-site “Kavkaz Center” is lying once again in their new article, because in reality pastor Molari has prayed against terrorism, but not against Mikael Storsjö. Molari didn’t use any person's name. In reality, the prayers to drive out the devil has already belonged to Christian tradition since the time of Jesus. In addition, Molari doesn’t threat to “kill” any man, but he wants to invite national officials that the suppliers of the terrorist would be “destroyed”. The best way for this destruction could be to reveal authoritatively the names and the faces of these (Finnish) journalists.

I asked already earlier, what is Storsjö’s editorial contribution in relation to the pseudonym “Отдел мониторинга КЦ”?

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