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The resistance for the command center of the Chechen rebels in Helsinki

We could remember that in newspaper “Aamulehti” (20.11.2009) researcher Hanna Smith told that it is unfortunately possible that Finland could become a kind of resistance for the "command center" of Chechen rebels, when the radical elements of Caucasian refugees will come to our country. I can now feel that these "radical elements" and "command center" already live and exist in Finland!

We had already some information about dangerous connection between Kavkaz Center and Finland. Unfortunately this very simple and easy information is nothing in the eyes of Finnish officials. Facts are still quite easy to interpretate. Now we have seen already a consequence from terrorist web-side! This terrorist gang attacked against the friends of Russia on the street!

This bad reality (above) came more open and sure during our Autumn trip. We had beautiful dream, but extreme zealots came to attack against us, against Finnish persons in Helsinki!

In 1st September 2010 terrorist gang “Kavkaz Center” declared their hate against a Finnish priest
Terrorist gang “Kavkaz Center” declared their hate against a Finnish priest, because this priest says to pray for peace in the event of Finland-Caucasus Friendship Society. Terrorist gang "Kavkaz Center" declared their aggressive hate against a Finnish muslim prayer, Abdullah Tammi, too. Well-known devout muslim Tammi told that he will pray for peaceful life of Caucasian people, but terrorists should lose their supporters.

Pastor Juha Molari cannot accept the activities of Kavkaz Center since the Kavkaz Center is a crucial part of Doku Umarov’s terrorist organization. Kavkaz Center has already published 12-13 dangerous articles against this peace-loving Finnish priest: Molari has criticized the fact that Finland is doing wrong, because Finland allows the terrorist organization's informative and recruitment activities.

Source: "Kavkaz-Center” 1.9.2010 14:19 ("Кавказ-центр")

Especially Kavkaz Center cannot tolerate that Caucasia-Finland Friendship Society has organized Muslim-Christian public exorcism (экзорсизм) in Finland for destruction of Kavkaz Center -terrorist gang (3 September 2010 at 13:04 on the steps of Helsinki Cathedral). We have candles for the victims of Beslan 2004. We remember so well that Kavkaz Center was a crucial actor both in Beslan-tragedy (2004) and in the terrorists’ acts against civil people of Moscow metro stations (2010).
Source: Helsingin Sanomat 2004, Mikael Storsjö, Jukka Mallinen, Heidi Hautala, Beslan and Kavkaz Center

US put Doku Umarov, the “hero” of Kavkaz Center, on its list of the terrorists

US put Doku Umarov, the honored hero of Finnish Kavkaz Center, on its list of the terrorists. Daniel Benjamin, the State Department's coordinator for counterterrorism, spoke about global nature of Umarov’s terrorism: "The recent attacks perpetrated by Umarov and his operatives illustrate the global nature of the terrorist problem we face today. We stand in solidarity with the Russian people in our condemnation of these deplorable terrorist acts" (24th June 2010). Doku Umarov has declared that Kavkaz Center is his official media, his own network! He has told several times that he can find new terrorists with help of Kavkaz Center. Kavkaz Center website is crucial for Umarov. Kavkaz Center website operates with help of Finnish suppliers and journalists. Pro Caucasus Association is the juridical owner of this website, chaired by the Finnish Mikael Storsjö.


We must not forget: Doku Umarov has declared that Kavkaz Center is his official media, his own network! He has told several times that he can find new terrorists with help of Kavkaz Center. Kavkaz Center site is crucial for Umarov. Kavkaz Center site operates with help of Finnish suppliers and journalists. Pro Caucasus Association is the juridical owner of this site, chaired by the Finnish Mikael Storsjö. Finrosforum, and its journalists, is closely involved for Kavkaz Center's support. Storsjö works as secretary in Finrosforum. Heidi Hautala is the chairman. In Finland, Abdullah Tammi and Juha Molari have presented an investigative request against Kavkaz Center Web site, because Doku Umarov’s official channel and its several (already 12-20 ?) articles have virtually marked into “the death list” at least two Finnish men (Tammi, Molari). Russian media have also followed this situation closely.

"В центре событий" с Анной Прохоровой 20.06.2010 (about Finland from 11:07)

Для Юхи это стало лишь очередным ударом. Он рискует лишиться не только сана, но и жизни. Священник написал статью, где резко осудил призывы к террору в России, звучащие на финскоязычных исламистских сайтах. В ответ экстремисты назвали его агентом КГБ и внесли в списки врагов, подлежащих уничтожению. Финская полиция защитить священника, так страстно любящего Россию, не может или не хочет. Здесь финским законам, таким суровым к пожилой Ирине Антоновой, почему-то не хватает жесткости. Что это – совпадение или крах хваленой скандинавской политкорректности?"

In this moment Chechnya's prosecutor is demanding punishment against Anvar Labazanov (Анвар Лабазанов), one of the journalists of Kavkaz Center.

The connections and registrant’s address of this terrorist website in Helsinki

Mikael Storsjö told that he is the chair of Pro Caucasus –association. Pro Caucasus –association refers to the phone number of Mikael Storsjön(358 45 2624746). is interesting, because Registrant's address: Sveaborg c 17 Helsingfors 00190 Finland, nowadays Storsjö changed address from Suomenlinna to his office (Bulevardi 2, Helsinki/Helsingfors, Finland).

Storsjö wrote to me in very early morning (almost night) 8.4.2010 cl. 5:06, that he works as spokeman for Doku Umarov and for Kavkaz Center, and Kavkaz Center's spokesman compared Putin to Hitler:

Jukka Mallinen (Юкка Маллинен) (60 years, 3th June 2010) is a Finnish journalist and translator, close to Storsjö. Mallinen is the vice-president of Finrosforum. He also compares Putin to Hitler, and writes support for Caucasian rebels.

The command center of the Chechen rebels attacked against us in Helsinki. Where is the police?

Helsinki is a beautiful city, I would like to say that one of the most beautiful city. Finland – Caucasian friendship society had autumn trip on Wednesday evening. We admired the architecture of Helsinki. Nature is beautiful. The buildings tell a good history about Russian period. Helsinki City Hall comes already from Russian period of our history.

We decided to eat together, to admire our environment and to discuss about peace of the Caucasus policy matters. BUT, BUT!

Unfortunately, already on the street in Helsinki, Mikael Storsjö (the administrator of Kavkaz Center) and his Chechen zealots attacked against us, against the well-known friends of Russia. Some of them were even very aggressive, perhaps dangerous. It is possible to see with help of ip-addresses that Storsjö studied very well our schedule of Autumn trip. He did perfect plan to attack against us! Whole demonstration and group spoke and travelled only for one purpose: to attack against to us!

Attack had been planned in advance

Later I found with help of my video tape that these Chechen extreme zealots and their sponsor already spied the friends of Russia on the roof of the office building (Bulevardi 2, Helsinki). They waited and then attacked, when Abdullah Tammi and Juha Molari were walking on the street!

They promised to kill!

One of the Chechen zealots promised that the neck of ours will be cut, when Ramada is over, because we would be too close with Russian policy. He insisted that Abdullah Tammi and Juha Molari would be the agents of KGB (FSB), and the friends of Putin; therefore their neck would be cut. He showed a hand signal against us, too: the neck will be cut! Another said that he will find our living home in Finland, “where the friends of Russia and their families live”. The third one of these Chechen zealots tried even to steal the cameras of Juha Molari, because they later understood that their extreme violence and their faces could be public.

Some of them were very afraid, if they will be known by Chechen officials.

Of course I am happy to hear that Mikael Storsjö told beautifully about the mercy work of the churches.

I am shocked!

I cannot deny that I am also shocked and disappointed. Finnish people have to be afraid to walk in Helsinki, because these extreme Chechen zealots with Mikael Storsjön can persecute them, if these people are the friends of Russia (and Putin)! I felt very insecure.
These extreme people even followed us from the centre of Helsinki (street “Bulervardi” to island “Suomenlinna” and back to Helsinki. Only a quick taxi saved us to safety from them.

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