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Terrorist gang “Kavkaz Center” declared their hate against a Finnish priest

Today terrorist gang “Kavkaz Center” declared their hate against a Finnish priest, because this priest says to pray for peace in the event of Finland-Caucasus Friendship Society. Terrorist gang "Kavkaz Center" declared their aggressive hate against a Finnish muslim prayer, Abdullah Tammi, too. Well-known devout muslim Tammi told that he will pray for peaceful life of Caucasian people, but terrorists should lose their supporters.

Pastor Juha Molari cannot accept the activities of Kavkaz Center since the Kavkaz Center is a crucial part of Doku Umarov’s terrorist organization. Kavkaz Center has already published 12-13 dangerous articles against this peace-loving Finnish priest: Molari has criticized the fact that Finland is doing wrong, because Finland allows the terrorist organization's informative and recruitment activities.

Source: "Kavkaz-Center” 1.9.2010 14:19 ("Кавказ-центр")

Especially Kavkaz Center cannot tolerate that Caucasia-Finland Friendship Society has organized Muslim-Christian public exorcism (экзорсизм) in Finland for destruction of Kavkaz Center -terrorist gang (3 September 2010 at 13:04 on the steps of Helsinki Cathedral). We have candles for the victims of Beslan 2004. We remember so well that Kavkaz Center was a crucial actor both in Beslan-tragedy (2004) and in the terrorists’ acts against civil people of Moscow metro stations (2010).
Source: Helsingin Sanomat 2004, Mikael Storsjö, Jukka Mallinen, Heidi Hautala, Beslan and Kavkaz Center

US put Doku Umarov, the honored hero of Finnish Kavkaz Center, on its list of terrorists. Daniel Benjamin, the State Department's coordinator for counterterrorism, spoke about global nature of Umarov’s terrorism: "The recent attacks perpetrated by Umarov and his operatives illustrate the global nature of the terrorist problem we face today. We stand in solidarity with the Russian people in our condemnation of these deplorable terrorist acts" (24th June 2010). Doku Umarov has declared that Kavkaz Center is his official media, his own network! He has told several times that he can find new terrorists with help of Kavkaz Center. Kavkaz Center website is crucial for Umarov. Kavkaz Center website operates with help of Finnish suppliers and journalists. Pro Caucasus Association is the juridical owner of this website, chaired by the Finnish Mikael Storsjö.

The Swedish newspaper “Huvudstadsbladet” declared that they are Mikael Storsjö –fans and supporters for Kavkaz Center, terrorist website. Storsjö is holy, innocent hero for this newspaper, but Molari as a brutal priest is persecuting this innocent Storsjö. In reality this newspaper told lies against priest Molari. For example, in reality pastor has never preached against war veterans! Pastor has never threatened against Finnish journalists with help of violent crime nor by any other way. Pastor has never asked that former Finnish president (Risto Ryti) must hang. The journalist did not think the truth at all in this case, rather he's afraid of pro-Russian priest: unfortunately it is quite typical in this Swedish-language newspaper that they imagine that the dangerous threat arrives from Russia. It should remember, that Swedish-speaking population is very small in Finland. Therefore many Swedish-speaking journalists feel that the Russian population in Finland could be some kind of serious threat against the privileges of Swedish-speaking minority. Mikael Storsjö comes also from Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. He has found supporters from anti-Russian Swedish-speaking journalists of the newspaper “Huvudstadsbladet”. Newspaper didn't tell anything about the background of Kavkaz Center -terrorist website!

Source: Huvudstadsbladet 2.9.2010

Mikael Storsjö is very fearful, because conscience makes him anxious. He's afraid all the time and wonders, how he is known by FSB or Russian friends. Therefore he is also trying to study his opponents temp folders from computer etc. But he does not understand that his opponents are wise enough and Storsjö did not find anything ever. His opponents are even totally clean from "dirty connections".


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