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The Voice of Russia: Finland not to protect priest from threats

The Voice of Russia (Oct 20, 2010 20:46 Moscow Time): Finland not to protect priest from threats.

Finland’s Prosecutor General’s Office has refused to protect priest Juha Molari against threats from one of the leaders of Chechen separatists Doku Umarov, who is currently hiding in this country.

Oslo did not file a criminal case against him even after Umarov posted a message on the Internet promising to kill the priest and his family. It was not the first threat addressed to Juha Molari, following his demands to close the web site of Chechen separatists, “Kavkaz Center”.

The refusal to launch criminal proceedings resulted from Finland’s confidence that an investigation would imply an appeal to Russia, which is unlikely to render any legal assistance in this case.

Chairman of the Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee Johan Bäckman said he was perplexed by such argumentation.

«Русский Обозреватель» (12/04/2010)

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