torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

Movladi Udugov’s agents (Adam Tumsoev and Mikael Storsjö) write lies in Kavkaz Center

Kavkaz Center is fully interested about Finnish cases, because Movladi Udugov’s agents are working in Helsinki (address: Bulevardi 2).

Movladi Udugov’s fur hat on Mikael Storsjö’s head, because Storsjö must express that his commands and imagination come from Udugov's crazy brain.

Now, these agents falsely wrote that a certain priest, Juha Molari, would be a FSB agent who is criminally spy, too. Udugov’s agents also claim falsely that Molari wants to kill the Kavkaz Center editors. Terrorist website says that the Chechens did demonstration against Molari and therefore "the Church Council" wrote "a written warning" against the priest. According to Kavkaz Center, the priest has violated against the laws of Finland, because he has done also own private activities, political debate, which pose a danger to everyone in the workplace.

Udugov's agents write lies in Kavkaz Center:

No written warning is in reality. In 31th October 2010 Kavkaz Center's two administrators (Islam Tumsoev and Mikael Storsjö) organized a demonstration near our church. Now, the authors of Kavkaz Center feel the joy, because the church employees and parishioners felt fear in the situation. Because of fear we will discuss in our church, but these discussions are completely different from the stories of Kavkaz Center.

As a Christian priest, I cannot accept that the Kavkaz Center publishes Anwar al-Awlaki’s teachings. Al-Awlaki is the most important teacher of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. He says directly in the article (16th March 2010, Kavkaz Center) that Muslim militants have to kill the Americans, and they should kill without asking for any permission.

As a Christian priest, I cannot accept that the Kavkaz Center praises the terrorist act against Nevsky Express train (27.11.2009). Doku Umarov said that "We are doing everything to destroy Russia." Umarov invited militants to kill the civilian people, too.

I cannot accept that the Kavkaz Center celebrates the brutal neo-Nazis (from St. Petersburg) who killed even several small children. Kavkaz Center published a letter from these Nazis in 14 November 2010. The Nazis promised to shed the blood of Russians, so that Russia would be destroyed! They tried to blow up a train in 13th November 2010.

Hardly any other European country would allow such terrorist channel. Not so long time ago, in Western Europe, police officials did several arrests against militants. It proves that European countries don’t accept terrorism. Unfortunately Finland is the dark spot: in Finland the terrorists have rights to distribute the death orders. Why our political views are so peculiar? Perhaps we have a few important political figures who give support to anti-Russian terrorism.

I am not, of course, any agent. I walk with my open eyes, I read a lot and that is why I speak openly. In my young age, I studied Hebrew language, history and literature and traveled in Israel. I have written very positively also about Mossad organization. I am thinking in very different way than the majority of Finnish people. But I am not an agent in this respectful organization. I have read CIA’s studies. At home I have even a number of such studies. I understand very well that the CIA is fighting against Al Qaeda. I understand and accept CIA's work better than the majority of the Finns. But I am not any agent in this huge organization. I have read a spiritual book, which has been published by the FSB. I understand very well that the FSB is necessary as organization in this big country. But I am not any agent in this organization, too. For Estonia we have Kapo, which protects their safety. Each state operates that way. I understand perfectly well that we have the Security Police (SUPO) in Finland. But I am not any agent in those organizations, too.

Kavkaz Center declares that all critical people are dangerous agents, because Kavkaz Center wants to maintain the unity of their own extremist group and supporters with help of paranoia, lies and hostility. We should not be surprised that many NGOs are taking part in a demonstration on Saturday 27 November 16, 2010 against the Kavkaz Center (address: Bulevardi 2, Helsinki)

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