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Russia-Chechen Friendship Society and Kavkaz Center

Newspapers spoke about the beautiful children who had paper “We are not terrorists”. Unfortunately I gazed into Movladi Udugov’s fur hat on Mikael Storsjö’s head, because I supposed that Mikael Storsjö would be just a Corporal in the chain of the commands.

I admired the successful battle with help of these images; Finrosforum and Kavkaz Center had successful mission. Of course, small children are not terrorists! Still, could these pictures tell everything? It is so simple: Bad priest is a racist? Is this priest a persecutor?! Is it true? Did he say that these children are Satan worshipers. No, he never spoke so, but he told that the ideology of Kavkaz Center belongs to Satan. The supporters of Kavkaz Center do not worship God, but Satan. I do not say anything about the children with their pictures, but about Doku Umarov's ideology.

Our congregation was not afraid of children, but adults, whose faces were masked with help of headlamps. The evening was already completely dark. It is wrong to believe in the propaganda photos of Kavkaz Center and its supporters. Those photos have been photographed only for propaganda. Real question is in somewhere else: What kind of Russian and Caucasian people is actually near to Kavkaz Center in Finland? Furthermore, it was a mistake of the local police that they left the congregation alone with these demonstrators in the dark evening. The police must be there, so the feeling of safety is maintained! Many people scared!

FINROSFORUM spokesman Kerkko Paananen, Secretary Michael Storsjö and Ville Ropponen were effective in media reporting, they are professionals. Then came an unexpected turn: Heidi Hautala, The Chairman of FINROSFORUM, did not want that FINROSFORUM would be connected with this demonstration, because we will have parliamentary elections in Finland.

It may sound a bit ugly, that we immediately decided that we have soon our own protest for "freedom of expression, democracy and human life"; this protest would not be only against FINROSFORUM and Kavkaz Center, but also against "Russia-Chechen Friendship Society". Why did we remember them? Why did we speak about “Russia-Chechen Friendship Society”, too?

Finnish Caucasian Friendship Society Association will organize a demonstration on Saturday, 27.11.2010 at 16 o'clock (at Bulevardi 2, Helsinki) - one year after the terrorist attack against Nevsky Express -train. We don’t disturb traffic. We don’t cause disturbances. It is good to remember that in 1st January 2010 Kavkaz Center published Doku Umarov’s confession that “Nevsky Express' was just a beginning...!” He was responsible about this terrorist attack – and promised that their attacks would continue against Civil people! Doku Umarov sent a letter to Kavkaz Center and Doku Umarov reported “about succefull sabotage operation against the ‘Nevsky Expess´” in Kavkaz Center –website (in 2nd December 2009).

With help of our demonstration (on Saturday, 27.11.2010 at 16 o'clock, in Bulevardi 2, Helsinki) we will draw attention to evil actions of Kavkaz Center and FINROSFORUM: they act violently that people would lose their jobs, if these people are ready to speak openly critics against them. I am not any exception, but in the same way they have attacked against Dr. Johan Bäckman, too. We draw special attention to the freedom of expression and to democracy.

In addition, we cannot accept that FINROSFORUM, Kavkaz Center, and "Russia-Chechen Friendship Society" (banned in Russia by the court decision), and Finnish Pen are creating hate propaganda against Chechen Parliament, the Russia state and government authorities as well as against the recognized religions. Kavkaz Center's information is dangerous hate propaganda against the peaceful Caucasian Muslim and Christian people who do not want to fight against law enforcement authorities. Doku Umarov has announced several times his judgment against peaceful Muslim majority. He declared them as dogs. Kavkaz Center's information also despises the faith of the Orthodox Church, characterized all priest of the Church as FSB agents. Kavkaz Center has referred to me with such information already several times (although I am a Lutheran priest). Yesterday (5th November 2010) Kavkaz Center published even “serious jihad” against me, because I have spoken against “a-theology” of Kavkaz Center.
Напомним, что поп-экстремист Молари публично называет всех чеченцев и ингушей в Финляндии «террористами» и обзывает всех мусульман, включая даже детей, перед своими прихожанами-христианами «сатанистами», проводит публичный «антисатанинский» ритуал «изгнания дьявола» из исламского информационного агентства Кавказ-Центр, то есть, действует в духе небезызвестного Салмана Рушди, автора злобного антиисламского пасквиля «Сатанинские стихи»

Unofficial translation (statement is lie):
We remind that extremist priest Molari called publicly all Chechens and Ingush people (who live in Finland) as terrorists and he announced for all congregation that all Muslims, even the children, are Satanists. Even he made public exorcism against Islamic News agency Kavkaz-Center. It means that this priest acts in the same spirit of well-known Salman Rushdie who wrote mocking anti-Islamic book Satanic Verses.

So, why will we speak protest against Russia-Chechen Friendship Society («Общество российско-чеченской дружбы»), too? For example a few peculiar persons took part into demonstration in 31th October 2010. It is wrong to believe in those propaganda photos, which show only small children. Those pictures are propaganda for emotions. Real question is in somewhere else: What kind of Russian and Caucasian people is actually near to Kavkaz Center in Finland?

My interest was not only Doku Umarov’s fur hat, but especially Dmitri Florin (Дмитрий Флорин): he was one of these peculiar persons. Therefore we informed that our protest will be against Russia-Chechen Friendship Society! Although we had very good chance to see beautiful children and their words “We are not terrorists”, some of these adults were really such interesting persons that Finnish law enforcement and security institutions could take greater interest in people and money traffic, which is taking place in Finland in the name of North Caucasus affairs.

With whom had Dmitri Florin meetings in Finland? He has told in 15th October 2010 that he has “met with former enemies - the militants” (Дмитрий – бывший боец ОМОНа, ветеран боевых действий в Чечне. В Финляндии он встретился с бывшими врагами – боевиками.) . Thus he himself has spoken about Chechen ex-militants (i.e. terrorists?) in Finland. However, Dmitri is now a "new man", because Glasnost Defense Fund pays his wages.

Of couse, the demonstration in Raseborg was not any final reason for the visiting of Дмитрий Флорин in Finland. Not so long time ago Dmitri Florin was one of the most significant person in debate, when a few Chechens came from Baltic countries to Finland. We could remember that Mikael Storsjö is accused of a crime. Florin is a suitable person for Storsjö’s support.

But Florin is also much more: from 1995 to 2002 he served in the military and law enforcement agencies in Russia (Airborne, Special Forces MIA). He is combat veteran. He is known as a quite aggressive personality: In 2002 he was expelled from the university, because he had confrontation with law enforcement . However, the purpose of this meeting between Florin’s society and Mikael Storsjö was rather for financing than for street fight: Florin belongs to Glasnost Defense Fund (Фонд защиты гласности); it works with help of George Soros’s support and American money (ED National Endowment for Democracy, USA; Ford Foundation (USA)-fund; John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation USA), etc.. In 5th June 2007 the representatives of these organizations, and Isa Dzhabrailov (Иса Джабраилов; Doku Umarov’s “minister” and a character behind Kavkaz Center), Heidi Hautala, Mikael Storsjö and Russia-Chechen Friendship Society (banned in Russia by the court decision) had meeting with Martti Ahtisaari, former president in Finland. Glasnost Defence Fund is very close with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, with Platon Lebedev, with Other Russia –separatist group and with American anti-Russian separatist Garry Kasparov, who even takes part into the actions of the Glasnost Defence Fund (see example We have quite large knowledge about the destructive purpose of this American money.

Dmitri Florin’s media is “Кавказского узла” (Caucasian Knot). He is also very close with Mikael Storsjö, Kavkaz Center and with Russia-Chechen Friendship Society, as the last article testifies in Kavkaz Center: “Московский журналист Дмитрий Флорин являетсякорреспондентом «Кавказского узла» и тесно связан с зарегистрированным в Финляндии Обществом русско чеченской дружбы, которое было запрещено ФСБ в России”. His own internet-page introduces him as “Дмитрий Флорин - бывший боец ОМОНа”, he is a specialist for guns! Such military man came to our church!.


I do not feel common understanding with people, who are close with Kavkaz Center, Doku Umarov or Russia-Chechen Friendship Society (illegal organization in Russia). Kavkaz Center and FINROSFORUM published a few "attractive stories", according to which I would “terrible racist” (with fake sentences!). It is not true: according to me, it would be better to stop aid from the terrorists and the separatists! Moreover, Dmitri Florin is close with “Russian-Chechen friendship society”; it is now closed in Russian because of its extremist messages and purpose; they had even contacts with Caucasian terrorists. Unfortunately this group continues legally in Finland. We could compare Russian Dmitri Florin with Estonian Ain Mere.

Who will finance the activities of the Kavkaz Center? It is two-way traffic in financing. Money goes to the Northern Caucasus with help of Kavkaz Center, as a few current crime cases tell in Russia and USA, but money comes to Kavkaz Center, too. Of course, the workers are not volunteers! Moreover, these journalists of Kavkaz Center are not Muslims. They are not even known as believers of Christian Church. These journalists write deconstructive crazy stories, because they get money (personal gain, salary) and they are mostly drunken, when they are writing those stories. We are well aware of their love of alcohol. Eventually financing comes from George Soros's resources and from certain American foundations. Their writing about Caucasia does not happen because of their love of humans but of their love of money.

More about «Общество российско-чеченской дружбы», see,,

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