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The Actions of Heidi Hautala, the President in Human Rights Sub-Committee of European Parliament, are implausible

Heidi Hautala - the former chairman of Green Party in Finland, the president in Human Rights Sub-Committee of European Parliament (in European Parliament she belongs to the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance) – opened election campaign of the Green Party with help of criminal investigation request against “Russian-friends”, Finnish Antifascist Committee. Such interpretation was typical among antifascist people, when they pondered reasons, why has Hautala turned to criminal investigation request. Hautala didn’t like some blog writings, published by Finnish Antifascist Committee.

Possibly Heidi Hautala would like to frighten us so that we would be only silent and humble slaves but she could continue freely her destructive anti-Russian policy. In the beginning of summer 2010, Hautala’s FINROSFORUM-friends, so called “four journalists”, made already claim, according to which “the Finnish civil society” should block the freedom of speech and writing, if speakers or writers come from Finnish Antifascist Committee or they are “Russia-friends” (i.e. few Finns with friendship understanding in relation to Russia Federation). Heidi Hautala was the chairman of this Finrosforum. According to Hautala, it would be very serious insulting crime when a speaker told: “Finnish population should do democratic election and send Hautala away from European parliament, because she is such ‘older girl’ that it would be more suitable for her properties to work as ‘servant girl’ somewhere near to Oulu”. These words were too much!

Criminal title is "aggravated defamation", because Heidi Hautala, the President in Human Rights Sub-Committee, would suffer so much. Police decided to open this criminal investigation immediately after the police responded that the police did not even investigate the Kavkaz Center's activities, because the Kavkaz Center is a human right website. Heidi Hautala has been one of the most significant Finnish politician, who has given her support for the existence of Kavkaz Center.

Picture: after the Beslan tragedy in 2004, Heidi Hautala made a very serious claim for the rights and existence of Kavkaz Center in Finland.

Picture: Heidi Hautala (Chairman of FINROSFORUM and president of Human Rights Sub-Committee), and Mikael Storsjö, (Secretary of FINROSFORUM and owner of the Kavkaz Center –website)

Picture: Servers for Kavkaz-Center (year 2011, in Helsinki)

Hautala felt also that it should not write openly and transparently about her contacts with Alexei Nikiforov, a man from Eduard Limonov's group.

Moreover, Juha Molari wrote a real-story about sufferings of Russian school-boy in Helsinki. This story belongs to the materials of the criminal investigation; Anti-fascists were very sorry that some pupils and teachers mocked him because of nationality and language. Police was also interested in a speech about the case of Anton Salonen, even though this lecture does not mention the name of Hautala. Criminal investigation material includes several texts, written by a whole range of well-known Finnish anti-fascists and some anonymous writers.

In January 2011, a letter from Chechnya was published and translated by the Anti-Fascist Committee in Finland. The writer of this letter deplored the decision of the Finnish police, because the Kavkaz Center is still permitted to operate. This letter did not mention the name of Heidi Hautala. Again, this text belongs to criminal investigation material!

Several members of Finnish anti-fascist committee feel that Heidi Hautala should not continue as the President of Human Rights Sub-Committee, if she wants so seriously to destroy the freedom of political views and to prevent the legal rights of the peaceful democratic opposition in her own homeland. It is possible to see hypocrisy, moral duality and double standards in her ethical and political behavior. Hautala wants to limit democratic rights and freedom of expression with help of new criminal investigation request, because some “Russia-friends” has criticized against her anti-Russian destructive actions. Hautala's presidency is now even more implausible.

(Molari has not written the title of the video; video is in Finnish)

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