keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011

Kavkaz Center failed totally in their demonstration in Helsinki 23.2.2011

С Днём защитника Отечества!

Website Kavkaz Center is totally consecrated to advertise for all sorts of terrorism. They felt complete failure in their protest against the Russian embassy in Helsinki. This day was respectable celebration for the defenders of the Fatherland.

No any protester arrive at the announced time 13:00. A police car stood at the Embassy to observe the demonstration, but Kavkaz Center was unable to call anyone for protest against Russia.

Nobody is even yet arrived at 13:45.

Everything seemed to have failed completely, as it was in reality, too. Even in Finland among refugees it was not possible to find “the will” for demonstrations against Russia. It is no any reasons for demonstrations.

Eventually, only few funny protesters arrived more than an hour after the plans. They were able to photograph themselves about in a quarter of an hour or so. It was easy to photograph, because only 7 persons took part into the demonstration. The demonstrators knew me and would have liked that I would stay near to them, because their group was so funny and small. I didn’t accept such proposal, because I did not want to be too close with the friends of the terrorists. The friends of Kavkaz Center are the friends of the terrorists.

According to information of Kavkaz Center, this demonstration was led by the Finland-Chechnya-club, which publicly advertises for the terrorists’ communicative network of Kavkaz Center.

“Adam Tumsoev” was the leading character from Finland-Chechnya club. He works also as Kavkaz Center’s administrator in Bulevardi 2 (Helsinki). His name is fake, he came to Finland with help of unauthorized illegal entry with fake passport, organized by Mikael Storsjö. .

The protesters were mostly the same guys who organized an unauthorized demonstration against Juha Molari and Abdullah Tammi in the autumn 2010. Then Mikael Storsjö dared to show his face, but now he was afraid of frost and Storsjö didn’t arrive. He is not any longer afraid for own visa. A Chechen man said, when I asked, that “people are afraid of frost”. This is quite well understood by the Kavkaz Center's friends, that they are afraid of frost, because the Day for defenders of the Fatherland is a semi-officially for "day for real men" (Это праздник настоящих мужчин). These opponents are not real men, but they are sitting inside and are afraid of a little cold. I answered that it could possible find even more responsible explanation: "People is only so few, almost nobody, because all people love Russia - and especially today, everyone should respect Russia! Today is a celebration."

I walked shortly among the demonstrators, and now we had opportunity already for better music, with praise for ВДВ's activities. So the protesters of Kavkaz Center listened again and again to this wonderful music, which fits perfectly with the Celebration for the Defenders of the Homeland.

Eventually, protesters were very desperate and after quarter of an hour they already trembled at the cold: so that we can remember that Doku Umarov also hiding like a rat in a cold. When the demonstrators went away, the Russian national anthem was playing magnificently, as we can hear by my video.

Once again, the Kavkaz Center’s satanic power disappeared completely. That horned devil does not tolerate any longer even a little cold, but trembles and vibrates near the end of own “existence”.

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