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NATO attacks against Russia and “Russia-friends” through its satellite states in Baltic area

Estonia's government invited experts to seminar in the end of January 2011. Seminar was about “information war against Russia-friends”. According to some American intelligence general Keith Alexander, NATO is 100% sure about kyber conflict between NATO and the "non-member" (i.e. Russia). Conflict would be already during next 5 years. The Estonian Parliament has recently approved even the program about information war. In particular, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves feels deep interest into Cyberwar against Russia-friends.

Jukka Rislakki wrote in “Suomen kuvalehti” –blog (24.2.2011) that Johan Bäckman and Antifasistic Committee (in Finland) were considered particularly dangerous. NATO's satellite countries (in Baltic area) are hysterically concerned about their reputation.

Jukka Rislakki wrote this “interesting” report, because it reveals that NATO and its satellite states have really big and official project to attack against Russia and Russia-friends in Baltic area and Scandinavia. It must be remembered that a couple of years ago NATO set up special base for Cyber war in Estonia: Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

It is good reason to worry that NATO and its satellite states are attacking against “Russia-friends” and own population in the Baltic areas and in Scandinavia. This attack is dangerous threat to independence, freedom of speech and democracy. Worst of all, NATO puppets do not think any good for the Baltic countries and Scandinavian welfare, economic development, political stability and cultural relations or for own population, but rather and only they play in favor of U.S. and Nato. Very large part of the people have been already oppressed by the apartheid policy in Estonia. Estonian national economy is a miserable failure, because of government’s and some ultranationalists’ paranoia against Russia. Estonia has become a satellite state of NATO, Estonia hasn’t any more own independence, they have no own money, population has even lost chance to decide about own destiny.

Of course, Estonia is not only affected country, but for examples Lithuanian ultranationalist (i.e. Nato) politicians have many difficulties to accept energy cooperation between Germania and Russia, too. Recently the Lithuanian government built own aggressive front against the EU-Gazprom gas supplies, but the EU was not a homogenous group. Lithuanian ultra-nationalist Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has been particularly active in his gas war against Russia. Russian Gazprom and German E.ON Ruhrgas appealed publicly in 9th December 2010 in favor of Lithuanian Lietuvas Duljos-gas company, because "direct and confidential letters to President of Lithuania, to the Lithuanian government and to Prime Minister have been ignored". Lithuanian ultranationalist circles would like to start the some kind of "nationalization" (or nazi-lization) of gas network, and they are even ready for discriminative rules against free using of transport networks, although discriminative policy would destroy Lithuanian own gas company “Lietuvas Duljos”. Ultranationalists are only puppets in this awful drama of Nato-satellite states, but they don’t love even own population and success.

In year 2010, NATO satellite states attacked strongly even in Finnish soil, as we know for example about the cases of Iivi Anna Masso, Imbi Paju, Sofi Oksanen, and pervert falsification of history in propaganda film “The Societ Story” (presentations organized by anti-Russian organization ProKarelia).

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