torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

Al-Qaeda –linked Kavkaz Center promised again to kill priest Molari in Finland

In 12th April 2011 Kavkaz Center published articles both in English and in Russian languages and Al-Qaeda –linked Kavkaz Center promised to kill priest Juha Molari, when the editorial team of Kavkaz Center will get order from Doku Umarov. In Kavkaz Center wrote in their article “Russian propaganda lies about persecution in Finland for criticism of Kavkaz Center” that Dokku Umarov didn’t send an email, signed by “Dokku Umarov” with a threat to kill Molari (in September 2010), because “the Putin’s pope is alive, and he did not even get a cold” (Kavkaz Center). Thus Kavkaz Center announced even very openly that Doku Umarov has militant operative power in Finland for such terrorist attacts, if Doku Umarov will order to kill somebody! Moreover Al-Qaeda –linked Kavkaz Center was 100 % sure that Doku Umarov didn’t send that terrible email to Molari. Thus Kavkaz Center expressed also that they have so close connection with this international terrorist!

In fact, Juha Molari has informed that somebody “Timur Hasiev” has sent email from Dagestan, as ip-address can testify. Moreover, it is possible to find that this “Timur Hasiev” is some kind of supporter for Doku Umarov, because his writings in internet are very extreme insults against Russians and against peaceful Muslims. I haven’t possibilities to know more details about the connection between “Timur Hasiev” and “Doku Umarov”. I published further information about this ip-address in 2nd February 2011, because with help of Yandex it was possible to know something about this terrible email and its writer.

In every cases, Al-Qaeda –linked Kavkaz Center has again confessed even publicly that Doku Umarov has some terrorists in Finland if he wants to kill someone.


Kavkaz Center has published already 100 insulting articles against me. Yesterday they remembered again, now in connection with Estonia-question.

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