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Biaudet started a dirty campaign against me

Doctor of Theology, BBA Juha Molari, the secretary of Finnish-Caucasian friendship society, a member from Finnish anti-fascist Committee (Safka) and a candidate from Labour Party in Finland, wonders, why Biaudet and Finforforum started publicly their dirty campaign 5-6th April 2011. Is it because criminal trial against Mikael Storsjö will be 15th April 2011 at 9 in the District Court in Vantaa? Is it because of they are angry against Russia Today channel, who spoke about Kavkaz Center. Perhaps they can disturb my external position, but they did not succeed to touch me inside: I will be energetic still!

Law Student Eva Biaudet, Swedish People's Party’s ex-MPs and ex-minister, is missing qualification to be in her vocation for Minority questions, but she got exception rights to start in that occupation in 2010. Today I've felt that Biaudet does not appear to be valid for her tasks: she arranged real "sweeps" immediately after the Russia Today published in the morning report against Kavkaz Center and knowledge about this program had become public a couple of days earlier. Perhaps it was intended to hit me below the belt, but I as an old man don’t feel anything any longer.

Biaudet spoke quite extreme assertions, so she will have a serious task to testify those scurrilous allegations: according to her, I would state that all of the refugees are terrorists, and that my blog would be totally an expression about hate against minority groups! When a student is speaking that kind of information in a press release, one might think, that the school was carried out for celebrations, but when ex-minister, now this high official for Minorities’ rights pronounces these arguments in her office, so she should be more careful.

Biaudet’s friend in her party and a close partner in the field of immigration subjects, Astrid Thors (Swedish People's Party, Immigration Minister) appealed to only a bit earlier for “Lex Storsjö”, if we can believe to Ulf Månsson’s statement (Storsjö’s lawyer). He tried to explain in the District Court of Vantaa, 24.2.2011, that Storsjö should not be judged any crime, although Storsjö arranged illegal entry for a number of Chechens. Some of them are quite close with Kavkaz Center. For example the administrator of Kavkaz Center came illegally into Finland with help of Storsjö. Kavkaz Center was very angry when I listened in that trial, and I even took a few photos.

Jussi Halla-Aho criticized by his dramatic words in 01/20/2011, that Thors organized for Eva Biaudet to get this high occupation in 2010, even though they would have twenty qualified applicants. Halla-aho wrote: "The intention was obviously to give safety work for Biaudet, so she will not go to compete with the Thors in Helsinki during 2011 election”. Today, I am thinking that Halla-aho’s colorful description was not totally wrong. In “Homma Forum”, a nickname KTV - 06/04/2011, 3:49:59 p.m. wrote comment: "Well, actually, of course, Eva is fan for the Caucasus Emirate and, therefore, she does not like Molari ".

My friends were already very concerned about whether I in jail, because Biaudet’s press relise became public and I sent a text message to my friends that I will go to the police for discussion at 15. I didn’t read these newspaper articles, but I got short information about them by mobile phone. Therefore, I discussed with this police, could I publish this pre-trial interrogation protocol so that Biaudet would not have a monopoly for insulting. I should have equal right to my answer, what is at stake.

After the police station, my friends did not reach me immediately, because I went to the gym a couple of hours. I was quite relax. During sport club, the Finnish and Russian media were already full of this case. In the evening I had a Skype connection with Russia Today program, and obviously Petri Krohn spoke in Russia Today program, too. On next Friday a Russian TV-channel will come and later in April other TV-channel will come to Finland that we could speak about Kavkaz Center. So they asked from me yesterday and today. They need to know more about my busy schedule. Certainly we will walk on Boulevard, as in last Saturday I spoke with a charming journalist from Russia Today. Personally, I feel no drama, but of course I am surprised that FINROSFORUM and Eva Biaudet together carried out such dirty attack against me. In particular, FINROSFORUM feels real courageous to create very bad image against me "as a whole." We cannot expect that Finrosforum would be closer to reality than its partner “Kavkaz Center”. They have only a slight difference: one has a shirt and the other has military fatigues.

What the police asked by his perfect sophistication? And what I answered gently? The police handled his duties well - not more! Of course, I do not despise some peculiar minority group. I have Chechen friends..I'm probably one of the best-known Finnish men in Chechnya (among the majority population in good reputation, and among bandits in worse reputation). I've said too openly and a few Swedish-speaking persons (Storsjö, Biaudet and Thor) felt angry against me. I spoke that the Finnish law enforcement authorities should have a thorough discussion with Russian law enforcement authorities about these refugee issues. Chechens, of whom I write in my blog, have contributed to the “phenomenon of terrorism”. My intention is not insulting against a particular individual, Chechen children are not terrorists! It is precisely the question about political criticism, I don’t insult the Chechens. One of Chechen newspaper wrote a few months ago, that Molari would be "Europe's last hero." With Kadyrov I could be very good friends, if I can get to know him better.

Of course, I did not try to threaten, slander or bash against the Chechens, even if a student Biaudet states so. Moreover, according to the Penal Code "threat” is such situation, if somebody does the threat for “criminal purpose” with help of a gun or other similar manners. I spoke about the law enforcement officials and about their communication! I am far from anarchist ideology, I never invite some groups to aggressive attacks against other group, but rather I urge for better qualifications in the administrative procedures. It cannot be a threat!

In 07/22/2010 I wrote a blog for Tarja Halonen, that Finland should not reward the terrorists, because a Muslim friend of mine had told to me that the television spoke about Russian President Medvedev's visit in Finland and about meeting with Tarja Halonen. Medvedev spoke something about Chechen policies in Finland, but Halonen would answer that Finland does not need to change our principles. Biaudet didn’t like that I wrote critically about this case.

I think the Russian Caucasus region is a safe for honest people, who practice their religion in the usual ways, they do their jobs and they are not planning terrorist acts. Because of “terrorist contacts” in that area, few persons come from that region to Finland. but Finland got also some suspicious asylum seekers. Therefore Finland will not be a safe country soon. I have met these people aroung Kavkaz Center in Finland. I have not ever said that all persons would be problematic cases. That blog in 07/22/2010 I wrote very exactly about some persons, not about all people. We have some documents about these problematic cases, for example in 12/22/2010 Supreme Court dealt with such matter.

I do not show disgust or anger against the Chechens, which is also reflected in the fact - although Biaudet slanders my blog – that I have several links to Chechen web pages. I have praised in my long video that they have magnificent mosque Heart of Chechnya , even though I myself am a Christian. I'm critical of a limited question in so far that some of these individuals are under the influence of Kavkaz Center’s ideology.

In 09/24/2010 I wrote a blog about "Kavkaz-Center –devil and its end”, which angers Biaudet. The starting point for this article was critics against Kavkaz Center, which described me as a pedophile, a terrorist and a schizophrenic. I turned subject to opposite and I think still that we have good reason to spoke about Kavkaz Center as evil web-site, because this site expresses admire for internationally wanted terrorists and their crimes.

I have written about this case in September 2010, that from Caucasus each arriving refugee is "connected with terrorism question", which is easy to interpret maliciously, even though I express, that these humans and the arrival have "links to terrorism [in area]." These connections are not simple and straight. So I didn’t say in this my text, that they are all terrorists. Their arrival has been linked to terrorism, as I write. This is a clear difference. I have this statement, and then specified a few cases in my text. The list is not exhaustive, of course. Biaudet read only half of the sentence from my blog, and she made a wild conclusion, as she was too tired from one reason or another to continue to read until the end.

I do not want to arouse disgust or contempt against the Chechens, but I would rather that certain extremist groups would not get political freedoms because it is possible that they will be radicalized here or elsewhere. Regulatory procedure should be sharpening. I wrote political criticism against official procedure, and hence against Eva Biaudet’s procedure. I never define racially nor religiously or nationally anyone that she or he would be less valuable. Because of my Chechen friends it would not be possible.

Of course, I haven’t been guilty of any crime. My text are indeed such that they have given rise to very rude interpretations as we see by Biaudet. In fact, however, I deliberately used unclear word, so that no one group cannot be insulted as terrorists. Actually, I was banned a few people, so that they would not say such insulting stamps against entire ethnic groups! Of course, I could – if I want technically - write that the "Chechens" are terrorists. However, I deliberately use abstract expression "is in the connection with." Terrorism is globally recognized as a serious problem in the North Caucasus. How Chechen refugees could be under speaking without knowledge about contact with this bad phenomenon?





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