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The bishop's office in Espoo fired pastor Juha Molari

Today the bishop's office in Espoo fired pastor Juha Molari (Doctor of Theology).

This happened today, directly and quickly. Molari told his interview to an international TV channel “The Russia Today”, and this decision of bishop's office came soon after this interview. As I heard today, bishop's office didn't even read my answer, but they had already every plans for this decision. Whole process was just juridical "game", and they didn't study my papers. From first moment Mikael Storsjö's and his friends were the picture about reality. Therefore it is unfortunately so, that our evangelical-lutheran Church is once again one of the best friends for Goebbels - friends for Kavkaz Center and its supporters.

According to the bishop's office, Molari has spoken inappropriately. Molari has lost his confidence in his congregation. According to bishop’s office it would be unsuitable that Molari would continue as a priest. According to these papers Molari has "lived more in Russia than in Finland", but this statement is not at all true. Already in April 2009 bishop Mikko Heikka insisted that Molari has not right to travel in Russia during official holydays, although Molari would not have any working duties in Finland.

According to the preparatory report of bishop’s office, Kavkaz Center is "legitimate organization". Priest has not right to criticize against the supporters of Kavkaz Center, because such critics would create “threat” against these supporters. Kavkaz Center should not be criticized harshly. Church officials told to me face to face, that they have not even read Molari’s official answers and papers. Complainants were: Mikael Storsjö, Jukka Mallinen, Ville Ropponen and Tarja Koivumäki (the leader of Finnish atheist union). Decision-makers were in bishop's office: Mikko Heikka, Antti Kujanpää, Kalervo Salo, Mauri Vihko, Ulla-Maija Halme, Kai Peltonen, Juhani
Korte and Jorma Back. Each of them is deeply anti-Russian - even close with extreme nationalists - in their ideology. But you can – of course – send several email for these persons, who did awful decision:,,,,,, and

Juha Molari will not give any interviews for Finnish media, and didn't give any "explanations" about this case. If some newspaper does some "explanations", they will do it from own fantasy. However, I have spoken today for many Russian TV channels. And I am waiting for tomorrow, when Basaev's cousin and Mikael Storsjö - Kavkaz Center's owner - are judged in court.

Molari doesn’t see own life catastrophically. “Maybe it's “good fate” that I don’t need to be involved in gay activities of the Church in Finland”.

Only problem is money: I have now 149 euro, but I will not get any salary and I should pay several bills. It is only a simple conclusion: I don’t pay bills, if I haven’t money. My bill can be under distraint. Now I am ready for new challenges”.

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