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Courtney Brooks, Mikael Storsjö and Radio Liberty

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was a very strange case. Courtney Brooks wrote article “Finnish Publisher Vows To Continue Chechnya Work After Acquittal” (May 14, 2011). But her style was odd. I have quite large knowledge about the background of her story.

C. Brooks had several long phone-callings with me. I answered to her even in St. Petersburg, although it was expensive to discuss through Finnish telephone contract. Furthermore, I transferred to her very profound information about several bandits, who came to Finland with help of Mikael Storsjö. I transferred their names, their (ex-)connections, police documents, etc. C. Brooks had very deep knowledge about these persons, about their connections with Taliban, Al-Qaeda and with Doku Umarov.

C. Brooks asked a few questions about my personal benefits, because somebody told to her that I would be "pro-Kremlin". I answered that my opinion should be normal respectable relationship with our good neighbor. My views are good both for Finland and for Russia, USA, Estonia, Israel etc. I emphasized that this question is not any anti- or pro-Russian debate, it is international security question. Kavkaz Center publishes also Al-Qaeda’s propaganda against Israel and USA.

But what did C. Brooks write finally in her article? After 2 hours discussion she wrote only a sentence in relation to me: it is Storsjö's certain fairy tale about "dangerous threat" of Molari and Finnish Antifascist Committee against Storsjö's family! It is totally Storsjö’s fantasy that Estonian, Russian or Finnish antifascist movements would have promised to kill him! Somebody would have even done attack against his home! And then Brooks wrote half sentence “comment”: I told that I did never promise to kill Storsjö! But whole subject was ignored!!!

But I can pray that discussion would be soon more powerful in western world.... In every case, on the stairs of Helsinki cathedral I will tell tomorrow (Monday, 16 May at 8:30) about my new working role. I will take part into very interesting team.


I found a interesting video about Chechen bandits and their connection with Taliban.

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