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Heidi Hautala, a special, extraordinary activist

Heidi Hautala is a special, extraordinary "human rights activist".

Hautala accepts very destructive radical criticism, if this criticism is presented against Russian political leaders. The limits of good taste don’t exist in that situation. Hautala herself does not accept any criticism, if her own political activities are objects of this criticism. Hautala has done even request for police investigation. According to her view, Finnish Anti- fascist Committee has criminally insulted against her. According to "human rights activist”, the opposition has to keep quiet in her own country (Finland?), if this opposition has criticized against Hautala’s Anti-Russian politics. From some reason, the police do not now count the cost. They have power and money to do own investigations against Finnish Anti-fascist Committee. Today, Heidi Hautala did once again her own investigation in my blog.

Picture: Heidi Hautala today

In 01/22/2005 Kavkaz Center proclaimed proudly about a conference, held in Finnish Parliament House. The representatives came from the Chechen separatists, such as Idigov, Ahaev, Ferzauli, Agamerzaev. Anna Politkovskaya and Vissarion Gugushvili (from Georgia, Gruusia) were speakers. Ahyad Idigov (Ахьяд Идигов) was the “official” representative of Doku Umarov. He was very respectable representative in Finnish Parliament House. The list of the participants were peculiar: Ousman-Ferzaui (the “ambassador” of Maskhadov’s government), Svetlana Gannushkina, Eminat Saijeva, Andreas Gross, Bart Staes, and Andres Herkel (from Estonian right-wing party, recently criticized against Tarja Halonen, Paavo Lipponen and Nord Stream). Tapani Mattila (from separatist “Finland-Chechen-Society”) and Heidi Hautala were naturally involved in the event, which set demands against Russia, but there were also typical participants of Karelia revanchists such as Juhani Putkinen, and Markus Lehtipuu and Hannu Yli-Karjunmaa. Jukka Mallinen was was also a participant.

In 2007, George Soros’s financial instruments were present, when Heidi Hautala, Mikael Storsjö and the official representatives of Doku Umarov met with Martti Ahtisaari in Helsinki.

Heidi Hautala wrote proudly in her blog about the meeting of Finrosforum, held in Helsinki on 25-26. May 2009. Refugee-journalist Fatima Tlisova, who is sponsored by George Soros, and Chechen refugee Islam Tumsoev (in reality “Islam Matsiev”) were speakers in this meeting. Hautala has such controversial suspicious partners as Tlisova and Matsiev (Tumsoev). Fatima Tlisova wrote recently 30.10.2010 an article, published in Waynakh-terrorist website: Fatima praises Michael Storsjö. This story included my photo as insulting reference to FSB, Russia’s respectable secret service. According to Fatima, FSB would have done some dangerous threat against Storsjo’s life. This Waynakh -website has been described as the representative of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The president of Ichkeria would be Doku Umarov! Waynakh has close connection to Kavkaz Center and to Storsjö’s office. Look at what the company is registered in address Bulevardi 2 A.

Address: Bulevardi 2 A
ID: 2278623-5

Fatima Tlisova had recently a Power Point presentation about “Islam Tumsoev”, Kavkaz Center editor and administrator.
Image source: Fatima Tlisovan Power Point

Fatima Tlisova (Фатима Тлисова) comes from the Harvard Kennedy School - Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Program. Its close connection with The Open Society Institute has been well-known. Fatima is a journalist from the organization “Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR). This organization is a significant partner for Soros’s Freedom House and the Open Society Institute. In 21th July 2010 George Soros, Freedom House and U.S. Helsinki Committee organized an overview of the situation in the North Caucasus: Fatima Tlisova was the headliner. She belongs also to financial organization Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow (NED), whose founder is a Ronald Reagon and Congressman Dante Fascell. According to Mikael Storsjö’s confession in police investigation, NED is even the most significant instrument for «Общество российско-чеченской дружбы» (Russian-Chechen friendship society, banned organization in Russia because of the links to terrorists). Its leader is refugee Oksana Chelysheva (Оксана Челышева). The purpose of NED is to promote American "democratic changes", which means in practice local conflicts and revolutions.

Heidi Hautala took part into the Warsaw meeting in Autumn 2010. Garry Kasparov was also a famous participant and a speaker in Warsaw conference. Kasparov has close contact with American financing instrument “Glasnost Defence Fund”. In Autumn 2010 Doku Umarov spoke openly “terrible” criticism against George Soros’s color revolution and soft instruments. According to Umarov and his Kavkaz Center, this Warsaw conference were too soft for jihadist bandits. Chechen refugee group in Finland announced that they cannot take part into Warsow "soft" conference.

Today MEP Heidi Hautala was active and she did own investigations about these subjects. She is truly a special, extraordinary activist.

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