lauantai 30. heinäkuuta 2011

On the eve of the SS- celebrations, Estonia attacked against the journalists and the human rights activists

Picture: Estonia wrote the prohibition against me to enter the country.

It is really surprising that Estonia has so hysterical reactions in their need support for SS-Waffen celebration. I wrote a RT-column (Top tips to help stop political heartburn in Estonia) about two weeks ago about these celebrations. And now SS-Waffen celebrations carried out again in Estonia, but Estonia's security service wrote the prohibition against me to enter the country. Estonia limits the freedom of journalists to report about the political phenomena, if these journalists don't work under the service of Estonian security service and their ideology.

I had a plan to enter to Estonia and write a RT-column about these SS-Waffen celebrations, feelings, symbols, etc. I haven't ever do any crimes in Estonia (or in other country), I am an EU-citizen. Fortunately, I had plan to travel separately from the Finnish friends of mine. If did I travel with them on board, now I would sit in a prison cell, together with Dr. Johan Bäckman.

Johan Bäckman, an adjust professor at the Helsinki university, was arrested during last night 30th July as early as ship came to Estonia, although his name was not in "black list". Bäckman has never done any crime in Estonia. He would have written critically about these Nazi celebrations.

Petri Krohn, the president in the association "Finland without Nazism", has also an entry ban for the days of SS-celebrations.

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