lauantai 13. elokuuta 2011

Dissident cannot work in Finland

From mid-April I have searched for work in Finland, but I have not succeeded. Just an ordinary job would be sufficient to me, e.g. as a seller, where the salary is only 1500 € per month. In one case, I thought that I have strong chances, but I have never even been contacted. Application does not have any stylistic errors. I had the best business education. I even had the best experience in the desired job: more than five years I had done quite the same job. I also had the best language skills. Probably my physical condition would also be the best, if fitness is measured through running ability. I do not smoke and I do not use alcohol. I do not have any criminal record or black default entry in credit history. This company hired dozens of new employees, but no one ever responded to my application, as no one answered to dozens of other applications in other firms. I understand well if the desired jobs would be in the top places, but I would accept any honest work, also as cleaner’s or seller’s.

I feel that my position as dissident is doubly problematic.

First of all, I have been discriminated against because of who I am.

Secondly, I have been discriminated as a dissident, even though I am an ordinary Finnish citizen, only a civil man, who has no political support or network, no any political references, no property. I am an ordinary moral citizen, who has spoken openly because of conscience. I do not belong to any group of municipalities or to philosophical gang, but I have received the stamp of the dissidents. This stamp is not primarily based on fact.

Some of my friends have advised me that I should set up a business. But I have no business idea; business cannot be only hobby, I should get a livelihood. I do not have the capital at all, and therefore I could not set up a business or firm, if I can even to find some good business idea.

In any case, this “dissident” goes soon to the gym.

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