tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2011

"Kavkaz Center" attacks even against YouTube and Google

Picture: The evil "Kavkaz Center" attacks against YouTube.

"Kavkaz Center" once again reveals its dirty intentions: this web center “Kavkaz Center”, which is well-known about its support (propaganda and funding) for Doku Umarov and Al-Qaeda, declared in 27th September 2011 that the administration of YouTube would be “KGB-terrorists!.”

According to Kavkaz Center –web center, YouTube’s management would be a “Russian KGB terrorist organization”. This phrase is typical in the rhetorical language of “Kavkaz Center”, and it always means a promise to kill these “KGB designate persons”. And – in practice - it means that Kavkaz Center declared now war against Google (YouTube now operates as a subsidiary of Google), too.

The administration of Kavkaz Center was angry in Finland (Bulevard 2, Helsinki) because YouTube honors the legality and therefore removed a video; “Kavkaz Center” was illegally stolen and uploaded this video.

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