tiistai 4. lokakuuta 2011

Just two candles for Tallinn’s liberation

An aged Finn lit two commemorative candles outside the Estonian embassy in Helsinki on September 22. Nobody else had remembered, but this old man was respectfully marking Tallinn’s liberation from the Nazis in 1944. He told me that even a little candle is a bridge of friendship and love between the massacred and those building the future. Nobody was celebrating this traditional holiday at the Estonian embassy in Helsinki; the building was mostly dark, with just the odd light glowing dimly upstairs.

Forgetting is the result of a new policy, the concomitant pressure and the Russophobic campaigns in the Baltic countries and in Finland. KAPO, the Estonian security service, has had a peculiar political role in the information war in Finland.

Read more: RT (Russia Today) 04 October, 2011

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