keskiviikko 23. marraskuuta 2011

A recent example about the dangerous contribution of the "Kavkaz-Center"

A recent example about the dangerous contribution of the "Kavkaz-Center".

They wrote yesterday - again slanders against me, that "Putin's KGB agent has been excommunicated from the Church", etc. etc. In reality, I am a member in the Russian orthodox church. Nothing excommunication exists.

Then a Finnish man found his ideas from KC and wrote lies in the web portal of the large Finnish tabloid "Iltalehti" (23 November 09:36) with references to KC. He writes recommendation, too: "It is already hot time to jail these Putin's KGB/FSB agents as traitors. Perhaps Chechens would find time to deal him and his friend with death, if Finnish security service does nothing against them".

Nonetheless, I continue asking seriously, why the authorities do nothing against those extreme phenomena? And I will reveal more about the political contacts, if the politicians do not anything in the matter.

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