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A Merry Christmas to stateless people!

A Merry Christmas to stateless people!
RT. Published: 25 December, 2011, 04:59

In Tallinn, the news asserted that it was Christmas – December 25 by the Western calendar, and Santa Clauses were out and about.

Igor and his pregnant wife Oksana had fled Tallinn's run-down, wooded quarter of Kopli after losing their home – Mr. Karl had turned off their electricity long ago. Igor had tried to cover the broken windows with plastic. There was no front door. The house had not been renovated in decades, and the whole area was restless.

Igor had looked for work in Finland, but with no passport, he couldn’t make the trip. They had no life, nor death to set them free.

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The table was full of little icons, an unusual sight in this country. Elves had taken over the tables, walls and windows. Oksana felt relieved: in this home, they could rest and feel at one with others equally despised – all officially scorned together.

The wind blew through the broken windows, as chilly as a stable in Bethlehem.
Two weeks passed, and on January 7, Oksana gave birth to her first child, a child of God. He was born with no citizenship or honor.

Vladimir, the husband of the woman in the cottage, gave them a bronze statue he had received from Finnish friends as a memento. The inscription on it read: “The Bronze Soldier monument, depicting an Estonian Red Army soldier mourning his fallen comrades, was erected in 1947 to honor the liberation of the city of Tallinn from Nazi occupation. In April 2007, Estonian defense forces destroyed the monument and vandalized the graves, resulting in riots called the Bronze Night, ending in the unresolved murder of a young Russian freedom fighter, Dmitry Ganin. This is how the Bronze Soldier statue came to be known by millions – as the eternal symbol of the anti-fascist fight for humanity.”


This story is a Christmas legend by my Estonian friend Tiit. It comes close to real events which, perhaps, will happen once more this Christmas.

READ THE FULL LEGEND: RT Copy-free Christmas legend!

(Kopioi myös koko joululegenda ja levitä vapaasti. Voit kääntää suomeksi, jos tahdot)

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