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RT:n elokuva-arviossa Pekka Niskanen, Mikael Storsjö, Jarmo Koponen ja Riitta Pihlajamäki

Row in Finland over Chechen militant movie (Published: 15 March, 2012, Russia Today)

This week Finnish viewers could see a new movie ad, showing an abnormal “icon” in honour of the terrorist Sayfullah. He’s a partner of Doku Umarov, a man behind a number of terrorist attacks in Russia, including those at Domodedovo airport and Moscow metro.

Film director Pekka Niskanen’s movie “Virtual War” justifies the activities of Mikael Storsjö, the publisher of Umarov’s web center in Finland. The Kavkaz Center published numerous statements by people who claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in Russia, including that on the school in Beslan. It is a mawkish story, according to which Storsjö helps poor Chechens and promotes the Chechen media. The Finnish state channel TV1 (YLE) has already shown this propaganda film on March 12, 2012. Mr. Niskanen is a close friend of Mikael Storsjö.

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The Finnish “human rights activists” are appearing cigarettes on the lips in photographs and in interviews in the film, with wine glasses in hand laughing that the law is wrong. They are standing with an aristocratic arrogance on a roof terrace or at a party, together with a few radical Islamists – as Storsjö confessed. I recognized a few faces. In the above-mentioned propaganda film, Storsjö publicly confessed also a year or two after the events that he successfully "pulled a group, who had project to take off the clerical collars from scum" (i.e. from J. Molari). No one is criticizing projects like that. This is a Western democracy: silence, without your own conscience.

The supporters of the extremist gangs also try to cunningly inform things about themselves just to make them eligible and presentable to others. It is a public spectacle. If the media is uni-polar, we will soon have just puppets in the spectacle.

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Post scriptum

Toistaiseksi vahvistamattomien tietojen mukaan Mikael Storsjön rikosasian alustava käsittelypäivä Helsingin hovioikeudessa 25.4.2012 kello 9:30 on lähestymässä.