lauantai 14. huhtikuuta 2012

The administration of “Kavkaz-Center” went mad. Who is the FSB-agent: a cleaner or a professor?

The Kavkaz-Center has again today strangely remembered me and my blog. The website called me offensive as "FSB agent and terrorist." The website claims that I wrote something in English about a special subject, but strangely the Kavkaz-Center did not say that my texts were originally "in Russian". Apparently KC's administration found my writing in English translation. Therefore KC's story has been created by the initiative of a person, who cannot speak or read in Russian, but the other person has contributed that KC's story has been translated in Russian.

Terrorist Web-site states that I didn’t write any new things. In reality, I published info about:
(1) Mikael Storsjö’s cooperation with Tarja Halonen;
(2) profound personal history of Kavkaz-Center’s webmaster;
(3) unclean backgrounds of a shameful punk group and its Finnish supporters.

When I wrote my above-mentioned blog, I did not know yet the good news of my job opportunities. On Thursday I went to discuss with an employer in Helsinki. It now looks very likely that I could get a job as a cleaner (char; уборщица) (in Helsinki). The salary will be around 1000 euros per month. It's a little better income than unemployment compensation.

Terrorist-site did not mention at all that a Finnish man, Timo Kivimäki, gave services for the Ministry for Foreign Affair in Finland, and for many other distinguished communities, but he apparently gave also illegal services for the Russian spies. The professor is accused of spying. So far, we have to remember that he is accused of spying, but not yet guilty. If he gave his good offices for Russian spies, he is duly punished about his unjust activities, which appear to be motivated by greed for money.

It would be more appropriate that the Kavkaz-Center accuses the right agents who have had real contacts and who have collected money through their working for foreign intelligence, but now the Kavkaz-Center insanely accuses me, who is only an ordinary unemployed Finnish man, who – of course – may now find a job as a char.

I'm not any idealist fan of the Russian Federation, I'm not also a fan of any other system, because I know that corruption and dishonesty, unfortunately, affect strongly in every national and ideological system and organization just as well in Russia than in Finland. I'd like to stay in the real position: as an unemployed man, who could perhaps get a job as a char, but I haven't anything to do with "foreign intelligence" or with "influential people".

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