keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

A few arrangements for new dis-connections

I will be the so-called "underground man". Since this moment, I have following arrangements:

(1) I have changed my phone number. New number is secret. Even the antifascists cannot get my telephone number. It is only for my own family. For connections, you can find me just through e-mail (=-AT @)

(2) I've deleted my facebook-profile

(3) I have removed my homepage from Internet

(4) Although I don't use my old gmail-addresses, sometimes I can update my blog-pages here in blogspot and especially in VKontakte website.

(5) I do not use any longer my old gmail-email; new e-mail address is (-at-= @)

(6) I will not give any longer any free interviews for newspapers, television or radio. The interview price list for the Finnish and the foreign media: 1000 € newspaper interviews, 2,000 € television interviews or articles. This also applies to the disclosure of information about phenomena and people. will get, however, all free of charge, if and when occasionally I want to say something publicly.

(7) I do not take part in public or political events for free. For every "public hobby," I charge a consultant fee: 300 euros for half an hour, 500 euros for one hour, 700 euros for two hours.


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