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Finnish crazy "open" society, big madhouse

In Varkaus, a high school girl was killed in 25 April 2012. This killer, a 43-year-old man, was an out-patient, he had mental health problems. The killer and the high school girl didn’t know each other. A lot of religious mystical literature was found in killer’s home.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud identified through several case reports that some people are trying trough religious symbols and religious speculation to control the death of a drive. Helplessness is a common human element. This sense of helplessness combines religion with childhood experiences. With help of religious myths, people deals typically with difficult issues and internal pain, but sometimes it is even more serious question: peculiar horror in sick man’s own mind. In everything, what is not under own power, he experiences as a threat. In that kind of person, ego is built on battle against internal and external hazards. The above-mentioned religious experience and feature is man’s desperate attempt to find a way to relief from suffering.

The middle-age out-patient, enthusiastically dedicated to religious mysticism, killed a young girl. Man's psyche obviously made a sick choice, when the religious mysticism and hermit life were not able any longer to protect him: something was not any longer under his own power and religious mystical control. Through those girls, the sick hermit man felt, therefore, “a threat" – and his “chance” to relief from suffering. The girls were not only means to access to a facilities and an institutional care, but they were also a "threat" against hermit's control - through the young girls he realized his own helplessness.

Daniel Paul Schreber wrote memoirs “Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken”. Schreber’s symptoms had a distinctively religious and theological language. Schreber experienced auditory. He saw the mystical visions, and discussions with God and with the devil. According to Freud, these phenomena were messages from madness, tinged rationally in their own peculiar way. Similarly, "theological" language was a phenotype of killer’s psychological symptom in Varkaus: his attempt to control over the death of a drive to escape from own helplessness.

Iakov Levi has studied the structure of the wrath, as it is possible to find in a few Islamist extremists. Because of external or internal inhibitions, failure to reach a desired object triggered regression to the sadistic level of the psyche. It is unfortunately possible challenge in open western societies. According to Levi, the devil is one of representation of the internal needs. It is precisely the religious rituals and mysticism, which are a possible process or system to prevent psychosis in such cases. The killer had surrendered to own hermit life and "religious speculation", but they didn’t protect enough, so that in the open society the out-patient man was not able to protect himself against his psyche’s sadistic level.

Yesterday I received a phone call from a teacher, whose students the victim and his girlfriend were. Another girl survived, but the other was murdered. Grief upset schoolmates and teachers, neighbors and relatives; whole small town Varkaus is shocked.

These crazy acts are unfortunately typical risk in Finland. Sometimes crazy people even is dominating whole street and neighborhood scene. A few years ago on the subway in Helsinki, a man was travelling with ax and finally he killed someone. A few days ago, once again, a Finnish woman did shit in Vuosaari’s swimming pool (Helsinki, Finland). Crazy dirty and terrible history is long and ugly in Finland. Finland is a big madhouse, an outpatient state. At the same time healthy Russian mothers are closed in the departments of the mental hospitals. It is a political choice.

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