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The growing of Russophobia in Finland and a negative attitude towards Russian Federation

[Juha Molari. Radio and TV Interview]

I have been unemployed already for a year

I have been unemployed already for a year, although I have a pretty good education. A degree in theology and the second - in the economy, and the third - a half-ready - in the information technology. My opponents have publicly stated that they would disturb me from getting any job, to conduct underground activities against me - as they put it.

Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland and the Finnish Embassy in Russia prevented me from finding a job in Russia. Finnish Foreign Ministry with threats addressed to the director of Russia's state television channel, for which I wrote a few articles.

I have no money, no property. Social Services Department offered me a room with several people in the hostel.

Doku Umarov, and Finland

Minister Heidi Hautala and Tarja Kantola, Special Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, are important factors in support for Mikael Storsjö – the publisher of the Kavkaz Center (K-C). The activity of K-C has been banned by UN Security Council.

When K-C’s web-master Islam Matsiev arrived in Finland, only half a hour later Mikael Storsjö reported his arrival to the representative of Doku Umarov.

A month later, the webmaster together with Tarja Kantola and Heidi Hautala made presentations to the sample at the Parliament of Finland. But these political leaders are not the most influential.

Even former president Martti Ahtisaari has been very warm-hearted for the representatives of Doku Umarov and the K-C. Mikael Storsjö admitted during questioning by the police that the President of Finland Tarja Halonen gave him a legal advice on how he could successfully transport so-called "activists", wanted in Russia, to Finland. Who are these persons?

Islam Matziev lived in Old Atagi of Grozny, where his address was Central street, 49. In the same apartment he lived with younger brother (cousin) Yunus Yusupovich Matziev, who is a Beslan terrorist.

Islam and Yunus - both were in the service of their uncle - Bilan Matziev. Matziev’s gang was an important part of Shamil Basayev's bandits movement.

Basayev also financed Matziev’s brothers, when Islam and Yunus lived Turkey. In 30 September 2001, Russian security services have discovered large arsenal in the underground bunker of Bilan Matziev's house, where they found also Arab bandit Abu Yakub, associated with Al-Qaeda.

Shortly before this event Matziev’s brothers went away. Islam Matziev worked in Turkey under the auspices of Movladi Udugov and Musa Umarov’s cousin Musa Ataev.

Matziev’s younger brother went to Beslan under the auspices of Shamil Basayev. Islam Matziev was K-C’s webmaster, when Basayev told details about the attack in Beslan.

Finnish media and politicians pretend that they know nothing about these problems - as if it were only a question about free media. I think it's best to talk openly about the facts.

The Finns would like to implement ethnic cleansing

Finnish officials say: "We have nothing against the Russians” - but only Russians in Finland should not behave as Russians in Russia. The Finns and their leading politicians would like to implement ethnic cleansing. For example, Anton Salonen in Finland: the boy is not allowed to speak his native language or to participate in the Orthodox faith.

The growing of Russophobia in Finland and a negative attitude towards Russia is not visible to everyone. However, social atmosphere did not change for the better. Anti-Russian statements from the lips of the Western "intellectuals" are serious causes for concern. A man, who speaks positively about Russia, gets derisive epithet "neo-Stalinist" or even "a Kremlin sycophant". Hatred of the Finns against the Russian Federation and the Russians can be compared only with anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany.

Finland should be interested in good relations with Russia. The proximity of such a large country like Russia can be very profitable for the Finnish economy. It is very important because of today's uncertain situation in the EU. Unfortunately, the Finnish media does not tend to turn to this idea, rather contrary to the opposite.

Valentine, Nadeshda and Anna – they are three Russian women who faced with suffering and discrimination over the past three weeks. Without a diagnosis, they were hidden in a psychiatric hospital. For example, I went to meet Valentine to the hospital, and it was clear that Valentine behaved entirely appropriately and she was a completely normal person, her behavior is normal. Embassy of Russia helped these women.

In Finland, the public does not know anything about the arbitrariness of the authorities, in which people were hidden to madhouses, and children are taken away from their mothers. One woman told me by phone that she did not believe such stories, while the police forcibly took her and sent to mental hospital. People should have the right to tears, to sadness and to illness without the threat of coercive measures. Human freedom must be respected.

In academic studies and reports, we see that 40% of Russian immigrants faced discrimination in finding jobs, and about 40% admit that they faced discrimination in finding housing in Finland.

Ingrian Finns have been invited to Finland as "storytellers"

The Ingrian Finns have been invited to Finland as "storytellers", according to which Russia would be evil and threatening, and the Finnish heroic people must confront this evil power. Unfortunately Finland did not provide any opportunities for these Ingrian Finns that they would have participated in improving legal, economic and political ties with Russia.

Once Ingrian and Russian women came to me in the church, because they had a plan about Russian choir. Kantor was harsh and did not allow them to create any choir in this church; he advised them to gatherings of their own reservation in central Helsinki. These immigrants had a role only as “storytellers” but even Church was not ready to accept them as talented Russian-speaking people.

The Church and the Pro-Karelia

During the national holidays I was over and over again very ashamed, because the priests had to go to the memorial cemeteries.

The problem is not that we should give tribute to the fallen soldiers, but error is to distort the truth about history. The church should be honest and apologize for the fact that the Finnish government and the priests were partners of Hitler's Germany and for the fact that on the territory of Karelia the Finns built concentration camps to carry out the Holocaust. The church should be morally honest.

Many bishops were and are members of the Pro-Karelia. The spiritual father of this gang is a Lutheran Bishop Erkki Kansanaho. The leader of Pro-Karelia is Heikki A. Reenpää. Along with Nazi soldiers, he took part in the bombing of “The Road of Life” during the Leningrad blockade. Many Finnish soldiers refused such a mission.

Now Pro-Karelia –gang is actively trying to restore the "good name" Risto Ryti (ex-president) and Väinö Tanner and the other Finnish leaders, who were responsible for the deaths of more than a million people in Leningrad. Finland loves Goebbels and Hitler. Finland wants to dominate the region of Karelia and break up the Russian Federation.

For the first time Risto Ryti as a politician was known during the Civil War, 1917-1918, when he restricted food aid against the arrested supporters of leftist parties, among whom were many ordinary workers. Even then, Ryti actively demanded death penalties for the socialists, and "decisive actions" against the Soviet Union. In February 29, 1940 - at a meeting in the Bank of Finland - Ryti, then prime minister, said to Juho Niukkanen (then defense minister) that the end of the Winter War with Russia "can be considered only a temporary truce." Thus, for Ryti, the peace treaty was only a foxy trick, tactical maneuver, as he expressed to Marshal Mannerheim and General Heinrich at the meeting.

On June 14, 1941 President Ryti decided to support the plan of Operation Barbarossa, as also the Nazi Lieutenant-General Erich Heinrich proudly proclaimed. Ryti admired Hitler: "He [Hitler] has fine mind and great heart, he is tender and benevolent" - this rapturous account can be read in Ryti’s diary, held by the State Archives of Finland. In October 1, 1941 at the presidential palace in Tamminiemi, President Ryti hosted a gala dinner. His company were also Marshal Mannerheim, Lt. Gen. Heinrich and Defense Minister Rudolf Valden. The triumph was dedicated to the successful capture of “Äänislinna” (that is: Petrozavodsk). They were so confident of final victory that they were raising their glasses with red wine in honor of an active attack!

Russian Church – holy community of multi-million believers in many different countries

The sacrament of anointing, after which I changed my faith, has been committed in October 30, 2011 at St. Nicholas Church of the Russian Orthodox Church in Helsinki by Archpriest Nikolai Voskoboinikov.

My family has been Orthodox. Naturally I want to belong to the same church as family. My decision was not hasty and did not come out of nowhere. The Russian Church has always been gracious in words and deeds. I want to belong to the Church in which I see the love and mercy. As for the moral and theological views, the Russian Orthodox Church is a Christian in the strict sense, while the Western Churches are quite secular.

In the (Western) Lutheran Church, many religious issues are unfortunately as only a joke. Sinners lives well in both parishes – equally among the Orthodox and Lutherans, but the difference is that in the Orthodox liturgy you can personally repent of sins and receive absolution. Lutherans only pretend.

I was unpleasantly surprised of unbelief of then colleagues, Lutheran pastors. It was possible to see priests’ cynical attitude toward life. Many of them spoke openly that there is no God and religious faith would be meaningless. Plus, a well-known fact that the Lutheran parishes are now crowned with homosexuals - and gay weddings belong to the responsibilities of the Lutheran priests. In the Finnish Lutheran congregations, many people came and distributed magazines and newspapers, the content of which were anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox propaganda. Some pastors distributed glossy magazines, where Russia and the Orthodox Church was described as the apocalyptic beast.

Some Lutheran priests openly admit that they do not believe in God or in Jesus Christ, nor in the Holy Spirit. In my opinion - a person can be an atheist if he/she wants to be. But an atheist cannot be a priest.

The Finns have begun to conduct information warfare against the Russian Orthodox Church and Patriarch Kirill, but it is difficult to explain, why these Finnish journalists do not write against own Finnish bishops - Their salary is almost 20,000 euros a month.

I cannot accept odd behavior of punk band Pussy Riot at the altar of the church in Moscow; such behavior is unacceptable even at home. If they want to talk by shameful manners, they should find another - less sacred place than the altar - as, for example, a wicked place in Tallinn, where they were guests of President Toomas Henrik Ilves. The group is a part of the campaign against the Orthodox Church (desecration of religion and believers.) The members of the group have been also presented as a war-band (“Voina”, Война -группа). The group organized a group sex action of 10 people in a museum at the time when there were school children on excursions. They also organized the action, where they poured urine on police on Nevsky Prospect. In Finland Jukka Mallinen, Jarkko Tontto, Jarmo Koponen and Amnesty International requires that this "group sex - urine" -group should be free for possible new violations!

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