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In Finland, the family of the dreaded terrorists got seriously mad at me

A bandit, so-called ”Ingushetia’s Emir" Azamat Makhauri (Mahauri; Азамат Махаури) and terrorist Doku Umarov’s "Defense Minister" Rustam Mahauri (Рустам Махаури) were involved in assassination of the Ingush president Yevkurov. And in Finland, the younger brother of these Mahauri's bandit brothers wrote a criminal complaint against me! When he came to Finland in 2009, he was openly a son of his Ruslan-father (Ruslanovich, b. 21.10.1987), a brother of the famous terrorists, but now he changed to a new first name. He had the fake passport of "Islam Taramov", when he came to Finland.

See video, downloaded by my friend Vladimir

Rustam Ruslanovich Mahauri (Рустам Русланович Махаури) nicknamed "Bear" (born August 27 1978) was a field commander of the armed forces of terrorist gangs "the CRI" and "the Caucasus Emirate", the Minister Defense of the Caucasus Emirate , the deputy to terrorist "Magas" (Ali Taziev), a personal bodyguard of Doku Umarov. He came from the village of Bamut Achkhoi-Martan and Assinovskaya. His younger brother and parents came to Finland and are living here as refugees. They came to Finland together with Beslan terrorist's brother (cousin) and sister. Also mother and father of these Makhauri's brothers live in Finland.

In 20 July 2005, on the ground of Criminal Code’s Article 208 and 222, Federal Investigation declared Mahauri (Makhauri) on trial of organizing an illegal armed group and participating in it. In Internet we can find a lot of relevant material about this brutal assassination and other terrorist attacts. It is “happy case” that Azamat and Rustam are already safe for the world, they do not threaten anybody any longer.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen President, informed in July 8, 2009, that during the raid near to village of Arshty four militants of Rustam Mahauri’s gang (self-proclaimed Defense Minister of terrorist organization Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, CRI) were killed. Earlier on July 4 2009 Mahauri’s gunmen killed nine Chechen policemen and wounded ten policemen.

On the other hand, Rustam Mahauri as the boss of the gang trembled for own life and was ready to reveal all the bandits. According to the representative of the FSB, after arrest Rustam Mahauri began immediately to cooperate with the investigation, and even expressed an open desire to show all the militant bases and even take part in their destruction” ("Боевик Махаури сразу стал сотрудничать со следствием и даже изъявил желание впереди милиционеров идти в лес, показать все базы боевиков и даже принять участие в их уничтожении”).

Big brother Rustam repents his sins. He acknowledges that it was a mistake, when he participated in the gang of Umarov. Therefore, we can hope the best for the little brother Islam Ruslanovich Mahauri, and for their father and mother in Finland.
Раскаяние Махаури

Azamat Mahauri -brother is already dead.

Bandits’ younger brother lives in Finland – hopefully peace in the heart and love to all fellows; following the example of his older brother, he is also probably revealing the networks of the evil powers (center) in Finland. During entry interrogations he was not yet ashamed of his bandit brothers, but rather he confessed them as representatives of the "legitimate power" (Doku Umarov). He made even light corrections to examiner’s questions. In Turkey, this younger brother worked as partner of Doku Umarov’s cousin Musa Atayev (Itaev), when they collected money for Doku Umarov’s gang. As "human rights activist" Mikael Storsjö helped him to Finland.

This younger brother has been demonstrably angry against me. Maybe I'm disturbing against his vocation to reveal the evil networks in Finland. He wrote even a criminal complaint against me in 16.12.2011 (investigation No. E 12/274). According to him, I was hurting his own and his brothers’ glory, because I connected those guys – his brothers - to terrorism and his own actions to financing for them. He himself told about the finance role, when he responded to the police in 2009. Recently - on my birthday 28.03.2012, prosecutor Lasse Ylevä made the decision and conclusion according to which the pre-trial proceedings and investigation will not be carried out. I received only recently the prosecutor's decision.

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