keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

Terrorists’ ad man in the court today

Photo: Before Umarov's dictate: Islam Matsiev without beard. I was not in court, but I have seen his heavy beard. Why Matsiev? Why?

The terrorists and their (m)ad men have today released once again lies and forgeries in Kavkaz-Center’s Web site. But it was a particularly bizarre and strange that these (m)ad men of Doku Umarov’s mob published these comments about my today’s blog, but on the other hand, the (m)ad men were totally silent on Islam Matsiev’s exceptionally thick beard! Or did he drive his beard off for the courtrooms? His beard covered probably still his face, when he disguised himself by beard in the trial, in which the prosecutor demands prison against Mikael Storsjö. Was his beard disguise? Has his beard grown since Doku Umarov arrived in Finland and now he keeps control over the facade of his jihadist fighters?

Photo: Pseudonym "Adam Tumsoev" and Tarja Kantola

Storsjö is the objectionable publisher of the Kavkaz-Center. Islam Matsiev – living under pseudonym “Adam Tumsoev” – is the webmaster of this terrorists’ web center. The prosecutor demanded a judgment, because Storsjö organized the illegal entry of certain persons. It was probably interesting if the prosecutor also took into account that the unlawful situation may have functional link with Kavkaz-Center's activities! Then Storsjö’s lawyers began to get nervous: "No no touch!". Perhaps they recognized that it must be so: the refugees take care of communications?

Kavkaz-Center did not write anything about these proceedings! In so –called Alexander-list of Helsinki University, Storsjö already lost his balance of mind, because the Russian media at the same time expressed profound data about the suspicion that the above-mentioned Matsiev (Matziev) may have been even a Beslan terrorist – “the radio man of Basayev”. Or at least, they lived in same room at 49 Centre Street in Staraya Atagi. And later, Matsiev’s closest partner was Doku Umarov’s cousin Musa Atayev. But the Kavkaz-Center is silent on its own problems! And in his message to Alexander-list, Storsjö denied all the obvious facts, which are available on the public police interrogation papers. He hopes that Finnish media would be lazy and no one would check what the truth is.

Now, Kavkaz-Center comes up with an easy victim. In fact, I was not even at the hearing of Storsjö’s court. Nevertheless, the anger continues against me!

Kavkaz-Center is guessing my present position, vocation and role, but the terrorists’ (m)ad men do not know anything right at all! Their article shows once again that the Kavkaz-Center and its destructive ideology want to attack against Iranian and the Russian states and against their possibilities for peaceful world and sovereignty.

But terrorists’ (m)ad men have no facts also about my past, present and future. They do not know - and do not get to know! They have just own speculation. Kavkaz-Center freaks already in their own yarn: in the same story, I am the one hand a KGB agent, then a Mossad agent, then a CIA agent, then a Lutheran, then an Orthodox, then a Shia-Muslim, etc. etc. In reality, I am still a devout practicing Orthodox Christian, a poor Finnish patriotic man.

Kavkaz-Center is mistakenly guessing that now I would have broken relations with the anti-fascists. In reality, my relations are good, without any tension. Just I do not appear in public cases, and in the media. It is a completely different thing.

Today I smiled. And I will smile even more and especially if the Kavkaz-Center's thugs will receive judgment before the Final judgment.

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