lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2012

The VOA and James Booke are wrong

Today, in 21 April 2012, the VOA (Voice of America) and James Booke have attacked against the "Kremlin's TV channels" - and also against me (see photos: small fragments of VOA's propaganda).

Voice of America (VOA) is a U.S. official propaganda radio station in Washington. They broadcast hearsays to foreign countries. The VOA is specifically a tool of the CIA. Recently, it became obvious that the CIA used $ 30 million for farsi-language anti-Iranian programs through VOA, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty's Radio Farda. In addition, $ 25 million was allocated to other similar measures against Iran.

But the CIA / VOA has also very intensive information war against Russia - and for this purpose they found my name! For the aims of the U.S. information war, the VOA creates several stereotypes. The VOA and James Booked described that the RT would be an unreliable Kremlin television channel.

James Bettner Booke leads CIA’s propaganda war through the VOA against Russian Federation. Earlier, he worked for Bloomberg and New York Times. Recently, Booke has provided support to the anti-Putin factions. For these purposes, he has close contact with Michael McFaul, the American Ambassador in Moscow. The men feel comfortable with each other.

In particular, McFaul’s name has been contaminated by the American operations against Russian elections.

As my own personal opinion, I can report that the VOA (CIA) characterizes me falsely and by caricature way, as if I were an anti-American. Of course, I have no need to seek approval or praise from America, but I'm not anti-American – rather I am a European! I do not support the American geo-political adventures and imperialist aspirations in the Middle East, Eurasia and Asia Pacific regions etc.

My view is not anti-American, but Finnish and European. Europe should not pay too much for the mere solidarity with the U.S., if and when Europe provides support for the American arms factories and for the U.S. government's geopolitical adventures. In reality, I write also with compassion towards American taxpayers’ sorrow, but naturally I'm thinking primarily of Finnish and European interest. If an American geopolitical and global adventure is not my passion, it does not mean that I would be an anti-American man. I'm not a part of the "Kremlin's propaganda".

I am a typical patriotic Finnish man, open for a better world.

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