maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Inauguration of President Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is Russia's legitimate president before God and people

Yesterday Vladimir Putin visited in an Orthodox temple, where a patron saint sings and prays around the clock for his health. To the small temple did Putin come together with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill and the abbess of the monastery of the Mother Superior. V. Putin set a candle before an icon. According to Vladimir Putin, it must be remembered that without the ROC, we cannot imagine "any Russian statehood, or Russian culture." "The Russian Orthodox Church, like other traditional faiths, is the guardian of our moral values“. Later, during the inauguration (Инаугурация избранного президента РФ Владимира Путина) he also reiterated his views about importance of family and moral values.

Vladimir V. Putin is Russia's legitimate president before God and people. He received considerable support from the people in elections. Vladimir Putin has a strong democratic foundation to build success for Russian Federation.

When Vladimir Putin visited for praying and blessing in the Orthodox temple, unfortunately a carefully planned provocation, "March of Millions" (Марш миллионов), attacked against civic regulations and morality.

In reality, "million people" did not participate in the “march of millions”, far away from a dream of "million", but rather only few thousand persons. The provocateurs deliberately acted against regulations and the law, so that they would have struggles for media’s photos and videos. Their purpose was interference through media coverage. These provocateurs have not any serious political importance or democratic support. Vladimir Putin is Russia's legitimate president before God and people.

President Vladimir Putin announced that he understands all of his responsibility to Russian Federation and people. He promised to serve the fatherland and its people that he can solve the most difficult and complex tasks with help of people's support. Vladimir Putin emphasized Russian efforts for Russian families, and he told about Russian contributions for huge area from Russian Baltic to the Pacific Osean and in Eurasia.

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