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Xenophobia, racism, neo-Nazism and fascism in Finland, April 2012. Monitoring report. April 2012.

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Xenophobia, racism, neo-Nazism and fascism in Finland, April 2012. Monitoring report. April 2012

Mrs. Helena Eronen, an aide for the True Finn MP James Hirvisaari, suggested in her blog in April 2012, that foreigners in Finland should carry a sleeve patch in order to facilitate police work. Eronen suggested Russians to carry a patch with hammer and sickle on red-black background, Muslims to carry crescent etc. Eronen’s suggestion was published on the nationalistic and xenophobic Internet publication «New Finland» («Uusi Suomi») and caused the biggest public scandal concerning True Finns this far. Superior to Eronen, MP James Hirvisaari, has himself been convicted of incitement of ethnic hatred against muslims. The party almost disintegrated when Hirvisaari refused to fire Eronen. Instead, Hirvisaari himself was fired from the parliamentary party group. Prosecutor general is now investigating whether Eronen’s suggestion matches with incitement of ethnic hatred.(1)

A Russian extremist Pjotr Silaev, participant of neo-Nazi and extremist armed attack on Khimki city hall near Moscow, was granted political asylum in Finland in April 2012, after which anti-Russian extremist groups in Finland launched a propaganda campaign in his favor, gave Silaev publicity, money and promoted his book, which was published in Finnish by Finnish extremist publishing house.(2)

A colleague of Silaev and his translator, a Finnish citizen and extremist Antti Rautiainen, was declared persona non grata in Russia for his extremist activities threatening the state security. When arriving in Finland, Rautiainen as was saluted by anti-Russian circles in Finland and his book aside with Silaev’s was published by Finnish extremist publishing house.(3)

An employee of the Finnish environmental administration, Mr. Seppo Knuuttila, was arrested at the Luga river in Russia and interrogated by the Russian security organs after he had illegally gathered specimen from the river from locations not agreed by the Russian-Finnish research group. Knuuttila was swiftly deported from the country and his computer was confiscated by Russian authorities for further investigation. In Finland Knuuttila launched a Russophobic smear campaign by organizing a press conference where he delivered delirious accusations according to which the Russian authorities are threatening his life and the Russian government was involved in his arrest. The experts say Knuuttila’s task was to incite hysteria and anti-Russian sentiments by fabricating environmental disaster by means of falsifying his research results.(4)

Mr. Olavi Mäenpää, a well-known nationalistic extreme right figure from the city of Turku, was appointed to a post of a juror at a regional court. Mäenpää has recently been convicted several times for incitement of ethnic hatred and defamation. He has also been convicted for several assaults and drunk driving. Finnish legal experts, politicians and the press protested his nomination, however without any result.(5)

The performances of the extremist anti-Russian opera titled «Purge» begun in the Finnish National Opera. The idea of «Purge» is to rehabilitate Nazi war criminals, distort the history of Holocaust, and demonize Russians as occupiers and rapists. Author of the «Purge» Mrs. Sofi Oksanen, a half Estonian nationalistic and Russophobic extremist, first wrote the «Purge» as a theatre play and adapted it into a novel in 2008. Mrs. Oksanen has been widely acclaimed of her Russophobia in Finnish liberal cultural circles, and she has received plenty of Finnish book prizes and strong support from the Estonian authorities. In her book «Apartheid Diaries» (2009), the Finnish journalist and founder of the Finnish anti-fascist committee Leena Hietanen describes the political mission of Sofi Oksanen in the following way: «Sofi Oksanen washes the Jewish blood from the hands of Estonian fascists, supports Apartheid-crime of Estonia, demonizes the Soviet Union by believing that Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, communism and fascism are equal.» (6)

Sofi Oksanen developed her russophobic PR campaign in April 2012 by re-publishing Solzhenitsyn’s «Gulag Archipelago» in Finnish translation from her own publishing house «Silberfeldt» with her own foreword, in which she for example writes, that the Holocaust is condemned only because Nazis lost the war. Oksanen changed the name of the book into a simple «Gulag» to foster her mission to abuse the «Gulag Archipelago» for anti-Russian and anti-Putin propaganda purposes in order to distort the Holocaust, blaim Russians of genocide, and blaim Russia on alleged falsification of history of the Gulag. Oksanen uses the book brazenly for her own promotion and enhancement of her own political motives, even by signing copies of the «Gulag» as if it was written by herself.(7)

In the Helsinki court of appeals in April 2012, Mr. Mikael Störsjö, a Swede prosecuted in Finland for smuggling dozens of suspected Chechen bandits and their relatives to Finland (all of whom quickly received political asylum in Finland) faced charges of organizing illegal migration. Storsjö also works for Doku Umarov and his «Caucasus Emirate», being the sponsor of the terrorist website «Kavkaz Center», which constantly publishes death threats against Russian leadership and officialdom. According to the journal «Russkiy Obozrevatel», it cannot be excluded that among the individuals smuggled by Storjsö to Finland one can identify terrorist fugitives who took hostage Beslan school in 2004 and murdered hundreds of children. Storsjö himself is protected by the Finnish minister of national development Heidi Hautala and the chief advisor of Finnish minister of foreign affairs Tarja Kantola. Storsjö is now lobbying successfully a specific law in Finland that would prohibit any critique against Doku Umarov as «refugee espionage». (8)

The world famous Finnish movie director Aki Kaurismäki said for The Guardian, that terrorism is the salvation of human kind, and the richest one percent should be mass murdered.(9)











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