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RT-channel says on the Baltic blacklist

In 2. June 2012, the RT channel has told on the Baltic blacklist. In the Baltic States you may be sacked, if you write or speak something for the RT channel, and if you give opinion about the discrimination of Russian population. A blacklist is also clear in job-search problems. RT-Channel tells us that the deputy mayor of Tallinn, Mikhail Kylvart, was surprised to see himself on the 2011annual report put together by Estonia's Security Police (Kapo):

I was blacklisted because of my activities to protect and preserve Russian schools here,” he explained to RT. “The security police believe this could violate Estonia’s sovereignty. I have a different opinion and that’s why I filed a lawsuit against the organization. For me it’s not only about clearing my name, but to stop dangerous tendencies which undermine democracy in my country.

That list also contained almost all Russian TV stations – including RT and its correspondent Aleksey Yaroshevsky. It also had Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, an anti-fascist activist from Finland and a dozen NGOs.

In the comments of the RT-story, a nickname has referred to my name, but in the cover story it was only a vague reference to "an anti-fascist activist from Finland", but that was obviously a reference to J. Bäckman, not to me. His name is very much better-known and his image has been even published in Kapo's annual report 2011. My name or photo is not in any reports. I don’t belong to Kapo's blacklist. Once Estonia did a slip against me, when the Kapo imposed a ban to enter to Estonia for a single weekend. The Kapo had received the wrong information and they thought that I would travel to an anti-fascist demonstration in Estonia. In reality, I hadn’t any aim to travel or take part into demonstration! I do not want to ever take part in demonstrations in a foreign country!

It is more publicly known that well-known docent, anti-fascist J. Bäckman has struggled for own legal rights in the court. For a short period he had received the ban to enter to Estonia. The annual report refers also to his name.

The RT channel has published also a writing of mine about another Finnish antifascist, Abdullah Tammi, who has considerable dramatic entry ban – for ten years! His case has not been discussed in public, what's amazing. Finnish foreign ministry does not want to support him, although his European rights have been violated. Finnish Foreign Ministry confesses only privately that Estonia’s policy is quite strange.

I have not encountered any problems with Estonia. My policy views, of course, are different from those of a few elite leaders in Estonia. You can find, however, different views also within the political actors of the Estonian people. In Estonia, a few elite leaders want to falsify the truth of Estonian Holocaust and apartheid.

I have no intention to threaten or destroy the Estonian state. Last time in Tallinn, the Estonian Television asked me for an advertisement, which was a beautiful poster with words: I love Estonia!

Perhaps I remember the black spots of Estonian history better than the Estonian political elite and the Kapo would like to remember in public. At the same time, I do not dispute the wrongs and crimes of the Communist Soviet Union. The Finns, in turn, have their own black history - and we would like to remain silent and falsify: the dishonest silence of the Finnish concentration camps in Karelia, the rapes of the dead Russian women during the wars and the soldierly comradeship with Adolf Hitler. Therefore, I understand very well that equally Estonia is hiding their shameful history and pretending for innocence. However, I am not any threat to Estonia or to any other country; I’d like to see even better economic and social success in Estonia.

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