maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

Dr. Molari is writing a research and budget plan for the new research "Russian Caucasus as the target of the information warfare”

I am looking for Russian funding that Mikael Storsjö, Heidi Hautala, Islam Matsiev and other agents of the anti-Russian information warfare and their aspirations might be uncovered in international studies in English and Russian languages. After a few weeks some Russian organizations and funds will get my application with further details. Finnish organizations and institutions are unlikely ready to provide any funding for the research about the information warfare, because the targets of the information warfare are the Russian Federation and the Russian Caucasus.

In Finland, I have not managed to find any job already almost in two years; rather Finnish official – largely hidden - political purpose is to provide discrimination against every pro-Kremlin persons. Evidently Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Finland in Moscow have even disturbed my conditions of employment. In Finland, the Russians and the Finns are subjected to discrimination and prejudice, if these persons are considered so-called pro-Kremlin-minded.

In my doctor thesis I started my psycho-historical reflection on religious and social extremes. Now, in post-doctoral research I will continue to topical consideration about the information war in the Caucasus. Research and budget plan also includes a study tour to Stavropol that I could know better law enforcement agencies and various institutions. An exploration will be also directed to Grozny region. Six months ago, I asked some grant for Stavropol trip, but newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat” and anti-Russian organization “Finrosforum” – financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – did not provide any grant for my expedition. Now some Russian organizations have shown some green light to the matter (from their own initiative).

Already my substantial written material and new research results of the expedition will be published in the forthcoming study, which will be written equally in both Russian and English languages. Research and budget plan also includes the needs for the publication of the research.

Today a Russian academic body asked about their possibilities to get research plan for funding solution.  Furthermore, my unemployment and employment problems in Finland are so serious and awful that Russian research scholarship and such solutions are clearly most dynamic and meaningful alternatives in my life situation. 

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