keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Kerkko Paananen, Could I come to Your conference in this year? You did not get upset again?

Just a year ago, 12/10/2011, an anti-Russia hate gang, Finrosforum, and their then leader Kerkko Paananen held a conference that was (only) officially open to all. I announced in advance – as it was discreet to register – that I will participate in the event. I announced that I will write even an article for RT channel (my status was: regular RT contributor).


Finrosforum’s leaders Kerkko Paananen (Chairman) and Mikael Storsjö (Finrosforum’s Secretary, Kavkaz-Center's publisher, the host of the extremist website) prevented me; they decreed that I must not take part into the conference.


 They did not want that I would photograph or listen to what the Minister Ms. Heidi Hautala - the former leader of the gang and a charter member of theirs - speaks, when at the same time Kavkaz Center’s editorial staff took part into the conference. They were welcome, but Russia's state television contributor was not welcome. Later I asked that the journalists would turn to Mr. Kerkko Paananen asking, why I could not have accepted to the conference, but Kerkko Paananen chosed to remain silent. He was even angry about such questions. So I asked again that the journalists would not call to Kerkko Paananen, because he does not want to talk to reporters. Maybe now a year after the event he could tell, why “open” is not “open” in Finrosforum’s conference.

In this year, with the Finnish Federation of Journalists this anti-Russia hate gang (Finrosforum) organized again a conference, Finnish-Russian media conference "Broken Mirrors" («Кривые зеркала»). And Mr. Kerkko Paananen is again an important person - perhaps even the most important - for the arrangements of the conference. Many agencies have been asked to take part into these arrangements. Some people have expressed also doubts that one goal of these arrangements would criticize against the Russian media and their “dependence on” docent Johan Bäckman.

If the media conference will held in all honesty, the Finnish participants would be apparently also ready to a few critical estimations about terrorist Doku Umarov’s horn “Kavkaz-Center”, which is published by Finnish resources (through publisher Mikael Storsjö and his political promoters). The anti-Russian terrorist murders have been admired and praised by bandit Umarov’s Finnish-Swedish horn. Such a hostile media has been tolerated and even protected in Finland. So we could also discuss openly and honestly, why such hostile, lying actions are tolerated under Finnish political authority and Finnish “honest” “benevolent” media.

To the first day of the conference, 3 December, I may participate only if I will be a member or representative of some media. Of course, I cannot be a representative of the Finnish media. But it is only one year from that Mr. Kerkko Paananen denied my participation to his conference in Helsinki, even though I was a contributor of Russian state television channel. Therefore I’m now particularly careful man and I am asking politely in advance and in public, that all Finrosforum, Kerkko Paananen, Mikael Storsjö and Jarmo Koponen (Uusi Suomi) etc. would not go completely crazy if I will take part into Your media conference in 3 December. I remember well of my old experience that those bodies will not want any open discussion, but only guided discussions are tolerated by Finrosforum. Will Your organization be again aggressive against me? Of course, I will come to the conference and I will write a Russian article about the atmosphere of the conference. This article would be for a Russian newspaper. Do You rise again violently against me?

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