sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

This is an open public letter (in English language) to Finnish police

Already during six months an identity theft has written outrageous lies against me: he has used my name and my photo, when he promises my family murder, he claims that I would be alcoholic, schizophrenic, pedophile; he writes damaging letters against me (under my name!) to Finnish and foreign authorities etc.

Already 5 months ago I turned to Finnish police office and wrote a report about these crimes against my reputation, and later I repeated my reports over and over again, when I found new material. Unfortunately I did not get yet any phone conversation or any contact with police researcher, although I have tried. I have called to police investigator already numerous times, but he is never present, and he will never give me a call. The investigation did not yet even begin during these 5-6 months!

 Photo: An offensive, false writing against me. That author
claims falsely that I would be a pedophile who threatened his children!
I do not even have any knowledge of that person's children,
even if he has children and wife.
At the same time, a possible criminal candidate has written again and again false allegations publicly, that I would be "pedofile", who threatens his small children etc. etc. I do not even know this guy and his children or his home address.

Police officers have not yet started any criminal investigation about the insulting writings of this guy.

Photo: Juha Molari
I'm a poor unemployed man and asking, where is equality of Finnish people before criminal investigation, prosecution and law? Why did the police do not interfere in that harmful writings, even if these writings disturb my reputation and damage my possibilities for normal livelihood? Do I need to make a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman in this criminal investigation, too?

During two years Finnish police did not open any criminal investigation against Kavkaz-Center, although that website published several abusive posts against me (number is about 200). The police did not react in any way.

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Juha Molari Юха Молaри
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Teologian tohtori, BBA
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