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Fired from agent's job on the Eve of Independence Day?

Finnish Independence day began with shocking news: In Finland acknowledged as an "international news agency", but according to the UN Security Council’s decision "internationally banned" a website announced yesterday that the FSB fired me from "agent job". I would have been fired, because at the Finnish Parliament, Finrosforum (a Russia-hostile nexus, Russophobic cluster in Finland) successfully held a conference with help of American intelligence agency CIA funding (through NED) and the American State Department funding (through USAID) (For further info, see Verkkomedia). Maybe I was not powerful enough to resist that hostile operation, or something else?

UN Security Council's decision
On the Eve of Independence Day, I was already particularly sad, because - with help of American funding - the Finnish parliament was brazenly used for the conference of some Finnish hate groups. In advance in “Rossiiskaya Vesti”, the official journal of Russian Federation, I blamed the fraudulent situation of the Finnish parliament; see 30.10.-5.11.2012 and 22.-28.11.2012. Especially this last article was very hard, because the organizers of the conference denied the participation of this journal's representative. 

Later I was pleased about "lucky" destiny and coincidence that occurred with the Russian science and culture center in Helsinki: their building renovation began badly, so these Russophobic, Finnish hate groups were not possible to hold any meeting there. Similarly, Russian diplomats didn't arrive at the conference, and thus finally the significance  and value of the meeting was empty, trivial "null and void" in the eyes of Russian and international media.

It is impossible to guess, how the Finnish participants built their sense of great "significance and importance". And I would have been fired because of the great importance of this Russia-hostile conference! Of course, people cook up  as it is well known – multifarious ways to satisfy themselves, if the need is great and desperate; and Finrosforum with its partners is a virtuoso in self-satisfying activity.

Mikael Storsjö, the producer of an internationally banned website
and his follower Islam Matziev, the webmaster of this website
in the conference "Broken mirrors
Yesterday the above-mentioned infamous website told very widely about its sister team, its more beautiful façade, i.e. Finrosforum’s activity. The tale is not a surprise, because that infamous website and the website of Finrosforum are managed through same web-resources in the office of a Finnish “businessman” (Mikael Storsjö). 

RT news in 7. April 2011.
In fact, the last publicly available information (i.e. police investigation documents) about Storsjö's earned income tells only about less than 3,000 euros a year. So it is not fair to say that he would be any real businessman. He is also a founding member for this hate nexus-cluster "Finrosforum" and continues still as its secretary, and he also serves as  the “publisher” in the above-mentioned infamous, internationally banned Web center (for further info, see United Nation security council). The infamous website is an underground bunker, with all kinds of sabotage material, but "hate cluster" Finrosforum hides and decorates that militant bunker through facade and props (i.e. Finnish political advocates).

In the time of Finland-Russia
ice-hoceky match,
Kerkko Paananen distributed
color revolution signs and
roared against the Russian leading
It is hard to know about it, from where the infamous, internationally banned website has received their notion about kicks, because it is hardly fair to think that the writers would be mentally ill and their fantasy would be so crazy. Finrosforum’s current chairman Kerkko Paananen and secretary Mikael Storsjö are unlikely in contact with the FSB (The security service in Russia), because of their hate actions against Russian Federation have been so intensive already for years that men cannot even travel in Russia.

Mikael Storsjö, Kerkko Paananen and Islam Matziev
in the office of Storsjö
And surely Finrosforum’s activist Islam Matziev (Matsiev) has not any friendly relations with the FSB. You have to remember that Islam Matziev belonged to a dishonorable bandit group of his uncle Bilan Matziev, and then he served as a "radio man". From the same group, Yunus Yusupovich Matziev, a younger "radio man", has been identified as a "radio man" of Beslan terrorist attack. 

Matziev's disreputable group belonged to Al-Khattab’s and Shamil Basayev’s  bandit gangs. In 27. September 2001, the Russian special forces found Arab mercenary Abu Yaqub: he was in the underground bunker, which located under Matziev’s home in Old Ataq. Abu Yaqub died in detention situation.  In Turkey, Musa Atayev was the closest co-worker to Islam Matziev. Musa Atayev was terrorist Doku Umarov's cousin. Atayev has been characterized as the deputy chief of  the Caucasus Emirate -terrorist organization (заместитель генерального представителя Имарата Кавказ). Therefore it is not expected that Finrosforum’s “hard activist trio” Paananen-Storsjö - Matziev would have asked about my "agent job" and FSB would answer anything to them. Who is the source?

Russia Today November 2011
Have their predecessors negotiated with FSB, because previous chairs, Tarja Kantola and Heidi Hautala, are, nonetheless, in very high position in the Finnish political system? They still have even the opportunities to travel around Russia. I don't believe that they would call to FSB and ask anything about any "job".

If above-mentioned website – as "news agency" known in Finland - has received this starling knowledge from the above or other sources, then from my own side I am very surprised, because I have not received any equal information. I am asking with growing uncertainty and ignorance that when I had been appointed to be an agent (even without my own permission and without any salary).  Who has stolen my wages, if I have been an agent already for many years?

In this way I spend Finnish Independence Day under perplexity circumstance: I had no idea if I have had some unknown, secret job for a long time and therefore if I have naturally some employment rights for wage claims. 

It is hard to believe that this internationally banned terrorist website would tell the truth even on the eve of Finnish Independence Day, although the administration of the site is firmly rooted in Finnish soul and political hypocrisy. The Finns are masters at lying even on the Independence Day and on the Eve of Independence Day. In the future the Finnish people perhaps are completely different than their nature and culture were during all the past decades: the Finns will be honest, sincere and unpretentious.

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