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Finland deported an asylum seeker back to Russian Federation

Helsingin Sanomat has told that Finland deported an asylum seeker back to Russian Federation. The newspaper was very scarce in telling about the background of these asylum seekers and their “society”.

The departed woman has complained that she has experienced persecution in Russia. The reason to persecution would be in the fact that she and her husband are Muslims. But this statement was not honest. Russia is home to more Muslims than any country in Europe (except Turkey). In Russian Federation, the Muslims can live in peace and work in important positions.

Thus Finland decided to depart the mother back to Russia.  Of course, it is sad that her family would break up. Already in the time of their living in Russian Federation, this woman built family with an Egyptian man. That man belongs to Muslim Brotherhood, which is quite controversial background. The Brotherhood is also under special control in Russian Federation. But let us go back to time, when the woman lived and worked in Russia and family would have felt “persecution”. ..

In reality, she didn't live under "persecution" because Islam religion would have been persecuted. Possibly she has experienced some difficulties (it is not specifically defined). The reasons to difficulties come from fact that she worked as “journalist” in controversial "Islamic Cultural Center". Journalism is not any problem but this "Center" is very questionable. It should be recalled that the Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri (leader after Osama bin Laden), Nadur Khacliliev and Abdul-Wahed Validovich Niyazov were close friends and partners to each other in this center, "Islamic Cultural Center". In April 2011, the Supreme Court Moscow delivered a verdict against the "Islamic Cultural Center". It will be shut down due to financial irregularities. Russian Federation is not any enemy against the Muslims or Islam, but this deported asylym seeker was a worker in this controversial “Al-Qaida –center”. 

In June 2011, I wrote in my first column for RT-channel, and my subject was this Islamic Cultural Center. It was a coincidence that that worker arrived in Finland just a little earlier from the same center.  

Of course, I understand that family relationships are really the BIG DEAL.  I do not know how they should or could organize their family relationships in future.  The “worker” of the controversial “center” does not seem to be desired pleasure in Russia. That’s why family life in Finland might have been the smallest evil in the current situation, but - of course - Finland does not want to pay social support for the persons, who have such controversial, questionable background. Perhaps the Egyptian husband will get asylum in Finland, and the wife will apply for a residence permit under the normal processing. Or even better, if the family can find a home in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood has reached a position of prominence.

"The consultants" of these refugees were unskillful in Finland. Why they were not looking for job and work permit in Finland? Residence based on work permit, is usual practice, if someone wants to stay in Finland. Political arguments about persecution are always very doubtful and questionable.

Post scriptum

My son was elected as a competitor to “the Olympics in the Russian language” (Олимпиады по русскому языку), because he is so excellent in languages. But now he is crying because at the same time he could ski with the other children as his school mates can ski! Now he must take part into "Russian language test".

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