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Only two days before Boston attacks: Mikael Storsjö’s Kavkaz Center calls for attacks on America.

American Examiner and John Hull found evidences that Kavkaz-Center as Al-Qaida's voice has promoted terror attacks against Americans and USA. Mikael Storsjö’s Kavkaz Center published Anwar al-Awlaki's (Al-Qaida leader) an invitation to kill Americans as many as possible.[1] Examiner’s article is based on the studies of John Hull, who is an ex-police officer. 

In 24.4.2013, Mr. Mikael Storsjö, the Finnish producer of Al-Qaida´s website “Kavkaz-Center”, confessed in Finnish talk-show "A-studio" (section 16/440)[2] that he will continue to publish this website. Also Al-Qaida’s website “Kavkaz-Center” published these words of Storsjö. Moreover, Storsjö vowed during the talk-show of the Finnish Broadcasting Company “YLE” that he will publish the website so far until all the Russians have been driven away out of the Caucasus.

Terrorists’ command center “Kavkaz-Center” has been convicted by the UN Securit Council’s sanctions list, because “Kavkaz-Center” is linked at the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization.[3]

Unfortunately modern web world offers also opportunities to abscond responsibility: the locations of the servers and their mirrors have been varied between and in many different addresses, so that law enforcement would not be able to reach them. Servers’ location and registration have also been in Storsjö’s office in Bulevardi 2, Helsinki (Finland).[4][5][6] According to his own word in 24.4.2013, Mr. Storjö continues as the leader of the publishing organization "Pro Caucasus" of the website.

According to current data, the registrant  address of Kavkaz-Center is nowadays in Djupavagen 29 of Solleftea in Sweden, but phone number for contacts and administrative is still Storsjö’s number (country code +358) in Finland.[7]

In 24.4.2013 – after Boston terror attacks in new hot situation where conscience should be already sensitive – minister Heidi Hautala spoke promotion for Internet freedom and security in FIF’s conference[8], where her close friend Mikael Storsjö as the producer of Kavkaz-Center was the keynote speaker. Minister Hautala had to cancel her partnership in this moment but she sent message to the conference and through her message in practice she gave support for Storsjö's presentation.[10]

Mr. Storsjö spoke once again his promotion for Kavkaz-Center and its ideology. Both speakers were totally silent about the UN Security Council’s Al-Qaida Sanctions, although after Boston attacks it has been clearly seen that with help of “Kavkaz-Center” Boston terrorists found own action plans for own radicalized Islam and for attacks. Concealing the UN Security Council’s sanctions and speaking together with Kavkaz-Center’s producer Mikael Storsjö, minister Heidi Hautala gave her support to the Boston attacks and to terrorists’ motivation in Anwar Al-Awlaki’s declaration.

In fact, whole "trio" came to the FIF-meeting, when also Islam Matsiev as the webmaster of Kavkaz Center took part in the conference. He is close to Yunus Matsiev, a Beslan terrorist, and to Musa Ataev, the cousin of Doku Umarov.[9]


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