lauantai 3. elokuuta 2013

It is reason to believe that Kerkko Paananen made double attacks

Photo: Dc. Juha Molari in Moscow Kremlin in July 2013.
About half year ago Kerkko Paananen, a speaker from Finrosforum and very close partner to Al-Qaeda's ”Kavkaz Center” and to its producer Mikael Storsjö, wrote insulting letter to Simon Wiesenthal's director Efraim Zuroff. This insulting letter was directed against me, Johan Bäckman and Evgenia Hilden-Järvenperä. Today he published this letter.

In my case Mr. Paananen referred to the fact that the Iranian embassy really invited me to work there. Of course, firstly I was very thankful that I could work for the Embassy, because I have seen that it is extremely difficult to live without any earnings, as now I must unfortunately live. And honestly I feel respect to their Ambassador, who is also a great scientist. But I never got this job, because an enemy attacked against Iranian Embassies around the world!

Mr. Paananen have had some interest to create bad reputation against me (and against Bäckman and Hilden), although he have had surely knowledge that I never (not earlier, not later) wrote or expressed any insulting or anti-Semitic against Israel or Jewish people, I have even studied Hebrew language at the University of Helsinki. This job in the Iranian Embassy would not mean that I should be an anti-Semitic brutal person!

Mr. Paananen wrote to Efraim Zuroff that I didn't get the job in the Iranian Embassy because it was strong "pressure" against the Embassy and my possible job. It is true that I didn't get the job, and I can say "thanks" to Mr. Paananen and his group, who has had fight against my every possible working places (already about 6 years war against my working places!). The Iranian Ambassador sent to me this insulting letter, which was sent around the world to Iranian Embassies against me. The main argument of the insulting letter to Iranian Embassies was my contact with Efraim Zuroff!

I have high education (for Theology, Economy and Information Technology), but no chance to find any job because of activities of Mr. Paananen and his group. Already 4-6 years ago Mr. Paananen's closest partner Storsjö wrote several demands that I should lose my status in the Evangelical-Lutheran church. Storsjö didn't accept that I wrote criticism against his Kavkaz-Center, who has – unfortunately – official legal status in Finland and in Sweden.

But now Mr. Paananen didn't publish or reveal his own motivation to his letter to Zuroff. From where comes his need to write about me to Mr. Zuroff? What was his interest to write insulting letters against a few Finnish persons?

I see well that Paananen never express any positive political activity for Jewish people, Jewish religion and tradition or Jewish history. Thus, it is easy to see that his motivation comes only from his fight against Russia Federation, because he feels that I, Evgenia Hilden and Johan Bäckman are sympathetic and positive in relation to Russian Federation. Already several times Mr. Paananen has expressed his support for Russian neo-Nazis and Chechen separatists. My views are quite different from Mr. Paananen's ideology.

And simultaneously we (Hilden-Järvenperä, Bäckman and I) are well-known about public criticism against Al-Qaeda-linked Kavkaz-Center, which is banned also by UN Security Council. Mr. Paananen's closest partner Mikael Storsjö is the producer of Kavkaz-Center, who has two main enemies: (1) Israel and (2) Russian Federation. Mr. Paananen has never written any critical words against Storsjö's Kavkaz-Center, although Kavkaz-Center denies holocaust, doesn't confess even the existence of Israel-state, and Kavkaz-Center is openly connected with Al-Qaeda terrorists (Al-Awlaki, Umarov etc.).

Mr. Paananen's strategy is evil: he found some ”names” from the history or sentences of his Finnish ”enemies”, and then he described his Finnish enemies with help of these foreign other names, as Bäckman, Hilden and Molari would accept all views of possible some other person(s). Simultaneously Mr. Paananen is totally silent in his unfair criticism against me and a few other persons that he is a very crucial person, even the main partner to Mr. Storsjö in their anti-Israel, pro-al-Qaida -cluster in Nordic Countries through ”Kavkaz-Center” and Finrosforum. Finrosforum and Kavkaz-Center have several strategical contacts with antisemitic neo-Nazis in Russia and in Austria.

An anonymous Finnish author sent an e-mail around the world to the Iranian Embassies in 1.5 years ago. In his E-mail, with help of English language (very equal syntax and structure than Paananen's new letter to Efraim Zuroff) he criticized and judged that I (Juha Molari) have been linked to Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal organization. In reality, I have met with Efraim Zuroff only once in Moscow conference, but our mutual communication was not longer than 3 minutes, only greetings in the time of break.

Many of my Russian friends have analyzed that Kerkko Paananen would have done ”double attack”. Firstly, Mr. Paananen would have written to the Iranian Embassies around the world and informed as ”bad information” that Molari is close to Mr. Zuroff. And now, Mr. Paananen wrote to Mr. Zuroff that Molari has been in contact with the Iranian Embassy in Finland. Mr. Paananen, therefore, makes the double attack against both parties, because he just wants to create hate views against each others