sunnuntai 4. elokuuta 2013

We all struggle against Evil

At last night a Finnish-Swede website, dedicated to the terrorists and to the demons, published a story, in which they wrote absurd allegations against me. They referred to me with the word "spy".

FSB has no any working desk for me.

Early this morning I went to Moscow Ljubyanka and I found this large gray house. There I asked, where is my job and my working desk, because your enemies claim that I have a job here. But no one had even heard about my name! They did not have any information about me!
Russian MID doesn't know me

After that I went to even larger building in Moscow. The building of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not open to me. No one has ever even heard of me there!

We all struggle against Evil

So I made an executive decision from this practical test: I am not a spy or agent, but rather I am a honest Christian who with prayer and the power of the word is fighting against the devil. So I can conclude that we all struggle against Evil: all honest moral individuals, Kremlin, Russian Orthodox Church, MID, and FSB.