keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

Kavkaz-Center’s administration was evicted from its location at Bulevardi 2, Helsinki

Office House Finland Ltd. which is owned by  Mr. Mikael Storsjö (the secretary in a wrath community “Finrosforum” and the publisher of a terrorist web center, also a well-known person from television and other media and from UN Security Council) has been evicted from their location at Bulevardi 2 (Helsinki) and forced to pay 101,293.53 EUR in unpaid rent, 2,489.95 EUR in unpaid electricity, and 13,320 EUR in interest regarding unpaid rent to Rake Real Estate Ltd. Storsjo had told in the court that he was unwilling to pay the rent as it would negatively affect his business at Bulevardi 2.

We cannot forget that already earlier the UN Security Council [1] condemned Kavkaz-Center website. The administration of Kavkaz-Center and the technical support of its servers are located in Mr. Mikael Storsjö’s office in Helsinki (Finland), even though the Pro Caucasus Association  was founded in Sweden. In practice, all the important contact information have been Finnish phone numbers to Storsjö’s office in Helsinki.[2][3][4][5] 

As UN Security Council has already earlier judged, Swede-Finnish “Kavkaz Center” is a functional part of the sanctioned Al-Qaeda terrorist ring.  “Kavkaz Center” is a terrorist funding mechanism for recruitment and training needs, an information war instrument, an operational and structural factor in terrorist attacks e.g. against Russia, Afghanistan, Somali, Kenya, Israel and USA. We have several evidences about their links to Somali Al-Shabaab, the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda’s leaders such as Anwar al-Awlaki (already killed in Yemen) and terrorist attacks all around European countries. But now Kavkaz-Center’s administration has been also evicted from its location at Bulevardi 2. Imarat Kavkaz (Kavkaz-Center) and Storsjö’s firm have been evicted from their location at Bulevardi 2 (Helsinki). I suppose that in future the administration of Kavkaz-Center will - unfortunately - continue in Gambia.

Mr. Mikael Storsjö and his firm were invited to the District Court of Helsinki, where his company Office House Finland Ltd. received a judgment in 17.12.2013 (L 13/23866). Rake Real Estate requested that the Office House Finland Oy have to move immediately out of the rental premises. Office House Finland Oy have to pay for unpaid rents 101,293.54 euros, too. Already for a long time Office House Finland Oy was neglecting their payment of rents. As early as January 2013 Office House Finland Oy had failures of rents and electricity bills over the past three months. RAKE granted additional time to pay back rents, but Office House Finland Oy failed to continue in payment of rent.

Mr. Mikael Storsjö chided in the court that Rake Real Estate as lessor would have acted contrary to good business practice. Maybe it was unrighteous that he had to pay the rent? In April 2013 the Office House Finland Oy paid only about one per cent of the official rent. Mikael Storsjö’s company Office House chided that the Rake Real Estate would threaten and scare against Storsjö’s subtenants. In fact, Storsjö did not comply his agreement with RAKE in January 2013 that he must report to the subtenants about the termination of the the lease. 

In the court hearing, Mr. Storsjö claimed that the RAKE as lessor would have persecuted, scared and bothered Storsjö’s customers, and would have penetrated into his office premises. In fact, Office House Finland Ltd. never complained earlier when the RAKE as lessor was doing renovations for the preparatory studies. 

A trial witness told that Mr. Storsjö has been hard to reach: Mr. Storsjö has been in the archipelago or sore (in this case, Miss. Heidi Hautala was not a witness on Storsjö’s behalf, but Storsjö's current wife was heard as a witness in the court). 

In photo, Miss. Hautala and Mr. Storsjö are discussing on the terrace of the office. In the background is sitting Kerkko Paananen, Finrosforum's current chairman. Heidi Hautala is the former chairman. All three are founding members of the wrath community.

In photo, Mr. Aslanbeg Hanchukaev – an international wanted person by Interpol – is giving an interview on the same terrace of Storsjö’s office.

The next move will be interesting: Kavkaz-Center’s administrator Islam Matziev has worked at Bulevardi 2, Helsinki, Finland. According to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, the company "International Association of Journalists Caucasian", founded by Mikael Storsjö and Islam Matziev, is registered in the Storsjö’s office at Bulevardi 2. Terrorist Doku Umarov has given interviews through this company to Kavkaz-Center. Now, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office must check out by the fact that the information to the above-mentioned company as well as other associations will be correct in the registry of the authorities.

I cannot say that Mr. Mikael Storsjö's Office House Finland and its various murky connections would be "the tenant from hell", although RAKE had so many difficulties with this main tenant, but still I bring to mind that the righteous believers have prayed a number of times that the acts and propaganda of the devil would finish at Bulevardi 2. Now through the decision of the Court, God has decided to clean out terrorists’ propaganda office from Helsinki.


[1]  Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) concerning Al-Qaida and associated individuals and entities 1257/1989.  

[2]  WhoisBucker. Kavkaz-Center.

[3] Website value. Kavkaz-Center.


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