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Andrei Illarionov’s recent threats about Western bloodthirsty attack against Russian Federation

Firstly, however, fresh and wholesome introduction against fascist dreams:

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the "West" is trying to create an illusion - Russia's isolation. However, many states have been very brave and didn’t voted  for  Western propaganda in the resolution of the UN General Assembly in the case “Crimea”. 11 countries voted directly against this resolution and 58 states refused to vote for the resolution required by the West.[1]

Andrei Illarionov ( Андрей Илларионов ) is a publicly begged weight for his name with help of the fact that sometimes he was even an “advisor” in the economic policy group of President Vladimir Putin. This period was 12.8.2000-27.12.2005. Therefore he still appears as an expert.  A significant background information has been less publicly remembered: that Andrei Illarionov’s wife is a citizen of the United States of America; she has worked in the American Investment Bank.[3] And even more necessary: Mr. Andrei Illarionov has gained visibility with help of  the American Washingtonians “think tank” –group, CATO Institute. Moreover, in May 2008, Andrei Illarionov participated in the organizational meeting for “opposition” along with many other notorious – less or more American and less or more Nazis - individuals: Garry Kasparov , Eduard Limonov, Yablako’s Maxim Reznik etc.  CATO institute awarded “Hilfspolizei Martin Laar in 2006. It tells more about the CATO’s geopolitical strategy “in the name of freedom” than about its freedom and justice against discrimination and apartheid.

Mr. Andrei Illarionov’s recent statements go even to wilder plans than just to some isolation of Russia. In an interview of a Swedish newspaper[4], Andrei Illarionov is developing all kinds of “Russian” threats. These affirmations could be given less priority, even if these fantasies have gained public attention and major hub of news. The most serious part of his interview is action plans: “We must offer resistance by all available means . I'm not a bloodthirsty person, but there is sometimes no other way than military power to stop an opponent . Armed resistance may prevent more serious bloodshed  - as when Finland took up the battle against Joseph Stalin in the Winter War in 1939 and maintained its freedom and independence. "

What do these words mean without unnecessary rhetoric? 

Already “all available means” contains a threat of violence against Russian Federation. This researcher from Washington and think tank CATO  group, therefore, indicates the operating model, according to which political and military leaders should guide own people even to “bloodthirsty” direction to stop Putin's power. He creates a direct target of armed resistance, "the military power to stop the opponent”.

Washingtonians illusion doesn’t include only to isolate Russian Federation and to build information war fronts against Russia, as well as try to break Russia's civil society and democratic elections with help of the “harassment”, but illusion is even more serious : to build a united armed front against President Putin and Russian Federation to extermination. Washington's decision-makers are very angry that the Kremlin knew of these plans already earlier than the West had managed to win in the Crimea, the Black Sea and the Caucasus. Russia was not ignorant at all.

In Finland, a few controversial persons –for example a man who is accused of a terrorist  and the so-called reporter - recently gave their names for the so-called  “NATO –list”, which participates in an open attack and slander against Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin: some of these “names” have already several times pronounced their hopes for shedding against the President of Russia, while others have not expressed their views so publicly . For example, Jarmo Koponen has already declaimed that the shedding of blood would be welcome to Russia and Moscow.[5] In any case, each one of them wants to build up anger and resistance against the Russian Federation. 

If Russian President Administration will care for reputation and honor of Russian Federation “according to my taste”, then it would be perhaps suitable that Russia will declare that all individuals of this whole above mob would be “personan non grata” in the territory of Russian Federation. It’s not just the so-called “minor differences” in opinions and NATO-questions, but the mob attacks totally against Russian honor and integrity. This attack is their “mission”:
Pauli Järvenpää
Tarja Koivumäki
Jarmo Koponen
Risto Kuisma
Veli-Pekka Leivo
Jukka Mallinen
Antti -Pekka Mustonen
Hannes Mäntyranta
Jussi K. Niemelä
Kerkko Paananen
Joni Pelkonen
Jani Saxell
Mikael Storsjö
Seppo Vepsäläinen
Pekka Virkki

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[2] Putinin ex-avustaja: Putin haluaa Suomen takaisin Venäjälle.

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[5] Juha Molari 21.3.2012. Mikä mies Jarmo Koponen toivottaa tervetulleeksi Särkyneet peilit –konferenssiin?


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