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Barach Obama doesn’t accept the will of the people: he changes state governments by killing and bombing

The President of United States of America, Mr. Barach Obama, has announced that the U.S. would “never accept” the results of the Crimean election to secede from Ukraine for joining Russia. In Crimea, more than 95 % voted for Russia.  People’s opinion is not ambiguous, but the problem is just the opposite: could “the West” accept this view of the Crimean people. The will of the Crimean people became extremely clearly expressed in the vote.

American Propaganda channel CNN has certainly revealed that one or two votes could possibly be rejected in these transparent elections: to a transparent ballot box, a man knocked down two ballots. If one or two votes will be rejected, then this does not mean yet any cancellation of the vote results. Perhaps this wrongdoer can be captured with help of CNN-picture. It is far from sure that the man would have voted for joining with Russia or against it. Irregularity suggests that he was the so-called  “Obama's man” , who had aim to sabotage the elections on the front of the CNN cameras .

United States of America and the EU have widely adopted different political strategy and tactics. Crimean election was that the state policy will submit to the vote results, but according to the United States of America, this democratic choice and peaceful solution is not satisfactory.  We know well that the United States of America do not respect people's opinion. Above all, the arms industry is more important, donors are more important and global strategic games are more important. The problem does not occur only in the United States of America, but the same travesty is also seen in Finland, where leading politicians do not respect the will of the people.

Already during the Russian State Duma and Russian presidential elections, the United States of America funded election sabotage measures and specialized organizations. In turn, the American presidential elections were completely mysterious and shady, and the USA did not accept any foreign observers. United States of America has funded several “color revolutions”, which based on the denial of the vote results, the policy cannot be ever allowed to subject to any referendum anywhere , but the power solutions will be made by power and propaganda in the streets and particularly in closed cabinets. USA’s way is not any peaceful way for democracy under the referendums, but rather color revolutions, power policy and Cabinet solutions.

When coups are not arranged by the methods of the color revolution and traditional American street demonstrations and through powerful media propaganda, then the United States of America has changed the state governments by killing and bombing. Everyone remembers Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, but fewer people remember that the U.S. SEALS forces attacked Somalia in 2013 like many other times, the U.S. hit in 2012 in the Republic of Chad , in 2012 the U.S. sent 400 soldiers to Turkey , in 2011 U.S. sent troops to Uganda , in 2011 U.S. military forces attacked against Pakistani territory to kill "Osama bin Laden ", in 2004 the U.S. sent hundreds of soldiers to Haiti to "protect American citizens and their property “, in 2003 the U.S. equipped Georgian military forces , in 2003 the U.S. sent troops to Liberia, in 2002 and many other times U.S. made missile strikes in Yemen , and in 1999 the U.S. made together with NATO forces a number of bomb attacks in Kosovo and Yugoslavia. United States of America doesn’t give any respect for referendums.

One may ask, what would be at all state political solution as the United States of America and its satellites as well as vassal principalities would follow, because the referendums as more peaceful way and as the expression of the people’s will  do not fit with USA’s agenda?

Why Finland's leading politicians as vassals are ready to follow sanctions against Russia? Politicians' salaries and benefits will always remain, they do not suffer. "The best politicians" go by taxi - from home to night club and back. Instead poor workers and entrepreneurs are suffering. The politicians have good salary, they live in cabinets (and night clubs), they have good cakes (and beer) on the table.


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