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RT’s ex-columnist writes about the case of Elizabeth Wahl

How a miserable anchorwoman became a part of the international propaganda attack against Russian Federation and its state channel RT (= Russia Today)?

The pretense in the Western world reveals double standard: Western propaganda proclaims for freedom of speech, but Dmitry Kiseljov (Kiseljev) - the chief from Russian channel RT - has been placed on the list of EU sanctions, and his rights has been denied to travel in the West. The media chief, of course, is a symbol in the sanctions list. He represents Russian major media, which highlights the issues and aspects but the Western powers would not like that their citizens hear these aspects in the cases of Ukraine and Crimea.

I haven’t found that Western journalists would protest at all against the sanctions list although that sanction list violates against human rights, media freedoms and freedom of speech. However, in Western media from tiny Finnish village newspapers to American international mainstream media it has been amazingly (with the same words and phrases!) remembered to horrify that this same reporter and media chief - Dmitry Kiseljov (Kiseljev) -  has expressed own “harsh views” against gay marriage and against the United States of America, as if these things were taboo, and as if  different views are sufficient ground to restrictions against his human rights to travel.    

Large Finnish tabloid “Iltalehti” reported impressively on Saturday 03/22/2014  that news anchor Elizabeth Wahl – who dramatically quitted from Russian channel RT service - "opened” to "rude confession ": "I was Putin's pawn". The story hadn’t any concrete substance - matter - but she expressed only her regret that RT told the news, in which the U.S. seems terrible. [1] However, this Finnish story gave (wrong) impression that the RT would dictate reporters to stringent policy limits and views.

At the same time, we have full-time and extensively propagandist manipulation against Russia in Western media.  Why we haven’t any Western journalists who would write critically about Western propaganda, which is now exceptionally intensive? In Finland, even in the entertainment programs, the most common”humor” is ridicule and scoff against Russian Federation and the Russian president Vladimir V. Putin. 

In prime time on Saturday 03/22/2014, Finnish state broadcasting company YLE in Finnish TV1 channel showed an entertaining quiz “Uutisvuoto” (“News leak”): Mr. Stan Saanila – the regular member of the program - mocked that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "an exceedingly small man", who has "identity problem because of his small size" - and that's why Putin would try to " show his manhood by attacking against neighboring countries". Mr.  Stan Saanila is particularly a messy and very overweight Finnish man who does not have any better education and social competence. In eastern Helsinki in Kontula (a infamous district), several neat Russian men and women have expressed shock about this smelly, wino-looking Mr. Stan Saanila, when from the bus stop he steps into bus or when in the subway station he enters in the metro. Grubby and messy looking tells more about his mental instability than Putin’s biologically determined length would express anything about president’s decision-making process. It is also possible to estimate that Mr. Stan Saanila expresses his own nausea from own "fat essence" through this questionable humor, but it is all in all revealing about Finnish and western “uncivilized culture" that here it is commonplace to make low fun against the president of the neighboring country. It is hard to imagine that the Russian main TV channels would stoop blasphemy against Sauli Niinistö (President of Finland) or Jyrki Katainen (Prime Minister in Finland), although it would probably be more valid reasons. Perhaps that kind of "humor" would not even be suitable in Russia, because "Niinistö" and "Katainen" are almost "no-body" from some small country.

According to the U.S. news channel CNN and the Finnish tabloids “Iltasanomat”, RT- news director – as "the Kremlin's mouthpiece " described - Dmitry Kiseljov ( Dmitry Konstantinovits Kiselev) was added to the EU's sanction list [4] I have, by contrast, a very positive experience about Dmitri Kiseljov’s skills and social responsibility. I have found that he knows the Finnish Russophobiac problems, too. He also knows Chechen bandits and the criminal activities of their western friends.[5] He knows more about the West’s hypocrisy than Western “critical journalists” tell about these problems of their own countries.

In April 2011, it appeared many news by RT-channel and Ren TV, and they told about my case: I had received a threat in the name of Doku Umarov. I stated that he is "a terrorist", while the Finnish police officials and the Evangelical Lutheran Church leaders called him as “the president of separatist government”. When I stated that web channel “Kavkaz–Center” and its Chechen activists are connected with terrorism in the Caucasus and everywhere in Russian Federation, then this fact was stigmatized as a racist comment in Finnish discussion. Even the Ombudsman for Minorities, Mrs. Eva Biaudet, reported to the police and to Finnish media against me; however, after closer examination her demands didn’t win any success in investigation. At that time, in Helsinki I met with Ekaterina Gracheva – the European manager from Russia's state channel RT – and we built a report about Kavkaz Center's Administration and about its activities in Helsinki (in Mikael Storsjö’s office). Already on the same day Mikael Storsjö , Kerkko Paananen (the Chairman of “Finrosforum”) , Ville Ropponen (a Member of the Board in “Finrosforum”) and Miss Heidi Hautala (Past President in “Finrosforum” and then Minister in the Finnish government) negotiated intensively by mutual e-mail negotiation, after which Heidi Hautala sent the above-mentioned RT- report to Finnish police for crime investigation against me. At that meeting I asked from RT's Ekaterina Gracheva if I can write some blog for RT channel, because in any case I will lose my post in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. I got a reply in June 2011 that I could start this blog writing – alongside Dmitry Medvedev , Dmitry Rogozin, and a few other persons. Since then, the European Union has ordered sanctions also against the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin as also against RT director Dmitri Kiseljov.

Then when I was already started to write weekly blog (columns) for the RT channel, Miss. Heidi Hautala turned to the President of the European Parliament and they turned together to Boris Gryzlov – the chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia and Chairman of the State Duma -  asking that the effect of those two  "evil Finnish men" (Johan Bäckman and Juha Molari ) should be eliminated. Since then, the attack against my RT- blogs accelerated all the time: (1) dirty blogs commenting against my RT-blog clearly disrupted. Probably comment amounts beat all the old records: enemies were so active, but friends were completely silent – unfortunately once again. Unfortunately, the dirty Finns filled this blog by their dirty statements; for example they stated that from selfish reasons I would have failed to see my dying father.  (2)  A daughter of then Minister of the Interior in Russia revealed to me by e-mail that the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Finland in Moscow actively accused me. I cannot know every details about their dirty underground work and their outright lying, but my opponents were active in their action in relation to RT's management until March 2012 when I suddenly hear that "my advantage would be stop writing". Some threatening went to RT channel and this threat is taken seriously. RT channel decided to protect me.

RT 's news anchors Bill Dodd and Anissa Naouai, terrorist investigator Phil Rees, and even Gennady Gudkov – from the Russian State Duma Security Committee - as well as many others dealt honorably my case on the RT channel and elsewhere.

I think that I wrote quite good reports about Alexei Navalnyi and his American finance so that the man himself reacted in anger in me. I understood all of this to say even before the trial or criminal investigation revealed that my knowledge were completely correct. I also wrote about the Russian election “observation”, i.e. the counterfeiting with help of American funding. I wrote, of course, about Kavkaz Center's case as the case came to the UN Security Council, too. I wrote my own conversion story from a Lutheran priest to a parishioner of the Russian Orthodox Church. I also wrote that the anarchist group Pussy Riot does not represent any belief of the Orthodox Church or Orthodox prayer but they express the dirty works of the foreign power against Russia ethos, they violate and desecrate reputation of Russian values. That was the last post in RT Column, and the Head of its Department didn’t particularly like about my views, although now in retrospect it is possible to see that I was absolutely right. Probably the RT channel young leaders sometimes want to create unnecessary”liberal " image to a Western audience. The pressure of "liberal image" prevents sometimes better processing of the certain facts.

My views are still and have been presented by highly qualified against Kavkaz-Center, even though in Finland (in where the Special Adviser to the Foreign Minister is a close partner to the publisher of Kavkaz-Center, what the connection would be impossible in most civilized and democratic states)  these views have been ignored. For example, just recently the world's largest  counter-terrorism research institute ICT (in Israel) published an article about Kavkaz Center's ideology.[8] In addition, it is known that members of this research project know well also all records from Mikael Storsjö's criminal proceedings, the eviction case of Storjö's Office in Bulevardi 2, they know Storsjö's new unfinished criminal investigations, and much more, although Finnish media has been almost totally silent about these details. They are not under the manipulation of "Finrosforum" and "Finnish Pen". In Finland, for some strange reason, it is not able equally seriously to discuss about terrorists' systems. According to Finnish propaganda, it would be "Putin-inspired" "pro-Russian lying" and it would be "against the freedom of speech", if somebody criticizes against Kavkaz-Center website (which is  under the sanction list of the UN Security Council, although no one tells it in the Finnish media). Terrorism experts from Counter-terrorism research institutes know honestly much more than what Western political journalists and political decision-makers are playing in their foul strategic game. Finnish small players are only involved in the games of the Western bigger boys.

In 04/21/2012, the Director of Russian and Eastern European Department, James Brooke, from Voice of America (VOA) – American official English-language channel  - , stated that I would be a propagandist of "the Kremlin 's TV channels “.VOA is the American official radio station in Washington, D , it is specifically the CIA’s tool for international operations. Previously, he has worked for Bloomberg and the New York Times Magazine. He has a close relationship with Michael McFaul - American ambassador in Moscow. Just McFaul was an important figure in American operations in the Russian elections. [2]

I was deeply hurt in March 2012, when the enemies got a landslide victory and my career as a columnist in RT channel was over. I could never exactly know what  dirty lies and threats were spread against me. I never received accurate information about the Finnish person from whom RT channel sough confirmation and verification to those dirty gossip statements. I have my own views about the issue.

So in spring 2012 – already 2 years ago –  I was certainly disappointed  against RT- channel because I had just worked on the main themes that are still relevant and the significance. Just a little bit earlier, I had received good news from RT-management. It's hard to say that I wrote about trivial things, even if all articles are not as high in success as others. In spite of all bitterness, which is still true, I cannot in any way join to the Western propagandist offensive against the RT-channel . Of course, it is true that RT is a Russian state channel  (as YLE is Finnish state channel etc.). I asked several times to get some stimuli or instructions to write about the critical issues, such as the Russian elections, the Security Council affairs, terrorism , attacks on the Orthodox Church etc. I never got any hints or amendments, but I wrote RT-columns from my own decision and discretion! The only repairs were in linguistic expressions! Journalistic freedom was certainly in these nationally and internationally hot issues better with RT channel than it could be ever in Finland with YLE, with “Helsinki Sanomat” or with Finnish tabloits; even entertainment program “Uutisvuoto” (News Link) are more repressively under the political control: the atmosphere of  the RT channel is inspiringly creative and free.

What we have to say about the young lady, Elizabeth Wahl’s case?

I was not only a victim of state authorities’ attacks in my own country, and Finland is surely quite neutral country in relation to Russian Federation if we compare with U.S.A., but also many hundreds of anonymous internet postings ruined against my reputation .

Through using the impersonation method, appearing in my own name, hundreds and thousands postings were published in Internet.  It has been argued that Western intelligence services could use this method against politically critical people. I cannot argue that political control would also so harsh on those dirty attacks against me. However, I also got dozens of threats to my email and to my phone. 

I can imagine that Miss Elizabeth Wahl has met even more serious requirements, as well as directly against or through her friends and family members. 

In October RT, I wrote a column “Immigrant tears” [7]: in my story this person consciously or unconsciously seeks to adapt in a Russophobic world. I think that Miss Elizabeth Wahl is a psychological defense case of the well-known indoctrination. There is another issue entirely by the fact that western propaganda can also use this miserable young lady to their own needs, perhaps the lady may even earn a few tens of thousand dollars  - until she will be forgotten. 

The problem is elsewhere - in the fact that Russian honest journalists and reporters are too much alone: I was all alone, no one gave no guidance, no one gave any support, I hadn't anybody with whom I would talk about world cases or even about threats against me.  Young girl cannot stand in Russophobic attacks, but finally she will submit in the middle of indoctrination.

[3] James Brooke , 21.4.2012 . Kremlin T Channel to U.S. : No Reset.

[4]  CNN: Suomi-taustainen Kremlin propagandapäällikkö päätyi EU:n pakotelistalle

[5] Venäjän valtiollisen uutistoimiston uusi johtaja Dmitri Konstantinovits Kiselev.

[6]  RT Un sacerdote finlandés es interrogado por hablar contra extremistas caucásicos

[8] Darion Rhodes. Salafist-Takfiri Jihadism: the Ideology of the Caucasus Emirate. Working Paper 27 - March 2014. International Institute for Counter Terrorism ICT.


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