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Blackwater – “Death for Dollars” business now also in Ukraine

Blackwater in Iraq

Blackwater Experience: Cold blooded murder of  ordinary Iraqi citizens

Insta blog says: “When historians list the U.S. crimes in Iraq, a special chapter has to be dedicated to Blackwater”.[18] 

On September 16, 2007, Blackwater (since renamed Academ) military mercenaries shot at Iraqi civilians killing 17 and injuring 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad. Even the FBI investigation found that, of the 17 Iraqis killed by the quards, at least 14 were shot without cause. An on October 2, 2007 the Democratic staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a report stating that Blackwater USA guards have used deadly force weekly in Iraq and have inflicted “significant casualties and property damage”. In October 2007 the United Nations released a two year study that stated that Blackwater, although hired as “security guards”, was performing military duties. The report found that the use of Blackwater was a “new form of mercenary activity” and illegal under international law;[19] however, the United States is not a signatory of the 1989 UN Mercenary Convention banning the use of mercenaries.[19]

Blackwater’s founding president Erik Prince selected men to open fire and kill innocent Iraqis numerous times. Blackwater’s crimes became so blatant that the Iraqi government has prohibited them from further operating in the country and even the Bush administration opened up prosecutions against Blackwater murderers.[18]    

Blackwater and U.S were confronted with a lopphole in U.S. criminal law: despite the clear evidences, U.S. judge dismissed all charges against Blackwater on January 1, 2010.[19] U.S. court didn’t find any obvious criminal statute that would cover the senseless act of violence in Nisour Square. [22] The Arab world reacted strongly against the American trial, because the court was politically distorted.  The United States resolved not to let the International Criminal Court try its citizens. In 2012, Blackwater Worldwide agreed to pay a USD 7,5 million fine on top of a USD42 million settlement it reached earlier regarding civil arms export violations.[21] The United States brought new manslaughter charges on October 17, 2013 against four former Blackwater Worldwide security guards for a 2007 shooting in Baghdad that prosecutors said killed 14 unarmed civilians.[20]

Western mercenaries were already behind killing demonstrators in Ukraine

YouTube videos show that the US private security service formerly known as Blackwater (known now as Academi[20][21]) is operating in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. One of the newest videos shows that in Donetsk, buses were seized with English-speaking mercenaries.[13] Russian governmental newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” has also informed that in Kharkov (on street Beketova) American mercenary has been caught by anti-Maydan activists. Unknown mercenary answered in English that he is a U.S. citizen, when the group of aggressive young people asked.[16]

In early March 2014, these militants mercenaries from Greystone Limited has already been seen in Donetsk.

Western press accuses Russia of fabricating these reports about “American mercenaries”. At the same time, April 8, 2014, U.S. military officials confirmed American military activity elsewhere, for example, the USS Donald Cook, known from the “Iraq Liberation Mission”, moves to the Black Sea to support Eastern European allies against Russian forces. USS Donald Cook is American fast, missile destroyer warship, updated by RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 capabilities and integrated into the AEGIS ballistic missile defense system.[15]

 At the beginning of the week, Russian state TV reported that several hundred armed men with military-looking bags really arrived to the international airport of Kiev. These tough guys are employees of Greystone Limited, as subsidiary of Vehicle Services Company LLC belonging to Blackwater/XE/Academi. [1] The evidences show that the American security firm Greystone would has teamed with Right Sector fascists in a bid to prevent freedom of expression and political rights of Russian population in eastern Ukraine. Kurt Nimmo in Infowars news refers also to alarming facts that most of American mercenaries had operated under private contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other states. [5] Blackwater has played a substantial role during the Iraq War as a contractor for the United States government,[17 they are “contractors working for the State Department”. [21]The question arises, what the price of these mercenaries and the entire plan and where the money will come for. The U.S. House on April 1 voted 378-34 to authorize USD 1 billion in loans to Ukraine and USD 150 million direct assistance package to Ukraine.[12]

In American Military & Foreign Affairs Journal “Veterans Today”, Jim W. Dean has pointed out that Western mercenaries were already behind killing demonstrators in Ukraine, although western authorities are pretending they don’t know who did it.[11] The Western media is playing its dutiful and assigned propaganda role of hyping a false Russian threat of reverting back its expansionist days and needing to be stopped now. Jim W. Dean supposes that this Ukraine’s crisis is “purely payback for the diplomatic victories the Russians earned in their level-headed dealings during the Syria crisis”.[11]

Dennis John Kucinich, a former US Representative from Ohio and a two-time presidential candidate, has sharply criticized that the deployment of foreign private security firms in Ukraine is unacceptable as they increase the risk of an outbreak of civil war: “We saw in Iraq how private security forces can get out of control. Whenever you are in a politically sensitive, a military sensitive situation the last thing you want is private security out there, because they can actually profit by an expanded conflict. They can stir up a war and then profit from it” (Kucinich)[8] Kucinish perhaps referred to several litigations over Blackwater’s actions in Iraq.[17] The operations of the American mercenaries is, unfortunately, sadly consistent with the general interests of the West, as Sergei Lavrov has said that the West is whipping up tension in Ukraine.  Igor Korotschenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian National Defense magazine, concludes: “We are talking about the continuation of the US policy of military intervention in Ukraine and a preparatory stage for a massacre in southeastern Ukraine”.[10]

Dmitry Rogulin has defined in more details that this initiative for team work between Greystone and Right Sector fascists was put forward by oligarchs Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a co-owner of Ukraine’s PrivatBank, and Serhiy Taruta, head of the industrial union of Donbass, a coal basis in eastern Ukraine.[6] Also in a special meeting chaired by the parliament-apponted interim President Aleksandr Turchynov has reported  about this fact about American mercenaries: “Turchynov believes that law enforcement agencies in eastern region cannot settle the issue of pro-Russian movement themselves, so they decided to attract foreign mercenaries”.[6] Turchinov said: “Why reinvent the wheel if there are real people? Besides everybody understand how much and how we have to pay for them”.[14]

Greystone Limited (Blackwater) – Navy Seal and CIA contractor

Greystone Limited (Blackwater) are “America’s Secret Army”, providing non-state military support without any interstate agreements.[1][7] Blackwater was founded in 1997 by former U.S. Navy SEAL Erik Prince and Christopher Burgess, a former Navy SEAL (who trained with E Prince), were one of several private security firms employed by the U.S. government to protect its diplomatic missions overseas. With the outbreak of the Iraq war in 2003 the company’s operations expanded. 

For all the “dirty work” (as the killing of civilians in Iraq, etc), the U.S. sent now same soldiers to Ukraine, but the military company is private in order to get away from the answer to the U.S. Congress for those crimes.[14] They are acting “as security contractors”, “promoting U.S. interests without official military involvement”, as Daily Mail notes.[3] 

Christopher Burgess told in a 2008 email interview that Blackwater focus on U.S. government contracts. US high-ranking officials from the US State Department Bureau of Counterterrorism, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterterrorism Center and US intelligence services have occupied key posts in the Blackwater-Greystone.  The board of directors includes a number of U.S. establishment figures, including John Ashcroft, the former Attorney General, and former NSA chief Bobby Rain Inman.[3]

In every cases, Greystone informed in September 2012 that they will provide executive protection services in Russia and in April 2012 that they have similar contracts in the Caucasus region, too.[4] 

Greystone has offices in Virginia and the United Arab Emirates. Jamies Smith is the founding Director of Blackwater Security, but he is also a former CIA Officer. Cofer Black, Blackwater’s vice-chairman was director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center (CTC) at the time of the September 11 attacks in 2001.[17] Greystone, on its website, identifies itself as a “provider of aviation and protective support services and training”.

Western silence, sham and lie

On the contrary, the White House warned Russia and stated that there was evidence that the pro-Russian demonstrators are being paid.[2] Instead that  Secretary of State John Kerry would confess the operations of American semi-official armed mercenaries, he turned the arguments upside down and accused in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “it is clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalysts behind the chaos of the last 24 hours”[9].   Kerry was totally silent of American semi-official mercenary operations in Ukraine and he accused: “What we see from Russia is an illegal, illegitimate effort to destabilize a sovereign state and create a contrived crisis”[12]

According to Daily Mail, the statements about “American mercenaries” could give Putin pretext for military action. [3] As a comment for ABS News, some call girl or switchboard operator (anonyme) from Greystone has denied that US contractor Greystone would have ‘mercenaries’ in Ukraine.[4] Also White House spokesperson Jay Carney and Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, called that the Russian allegations would be “rubbish”.[4][12] The Academi spokesman has told ABS News that the company would not be “in any way” affiliated with Greyston.[4]

In their news about Ukraine, Finnish mainstream media has been completely silent on the role of American mercenary.

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