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Finnish little cranky pooch and the Russian Empire

A Russian private person, an old friend whom I have known for twenty years , came to visit and say hello to me in Helsinki. For a long night we talked about memories of the army : he had a great success in ВДВ 's ( Russian Airborne Troops) service . He had won both sambo and judo championships in army, and won the bronze medal in judo, and a silver medal in sambo in the entire Russian Championships. We are united by interest in sports. Also my son trains twice or three times a week for Greco-Roman wrestling, as long as he is not sick or football matches do not prevent to take part into the wrestling training. I think that wrestling should be trained at least until the military years. Of course, he has a particular situation, the defense of mother country in the Russian army is a natural alternative, but perhaps he has to serve also in the Finnish Defense Forces , which is far from any fair solution if the military alliance between NATO and the Finland will be further strengthened .

This individual from St Petersburg presented a cheerful invitation to the Crimea that our families would be together on holidays there. There he has also friends. So we got to the discussion about international and Finnish politics. With respect my friend referred to Finland, because Finnish Johan Bäckman had commented as election observer in the Crimean elections. There the people had rights to express their will to join the great Russia. The friend also remembered how beautifully Vladimir Putin said about Finland in a television interview: Russia has good relations with Finland.

Unfortunately, I had to surprise the friend and let him know that the Finnish media is operating in full compliance with Washington's agenda. I explained how the Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja and the other ministers are working. In addition, we wondered together that the Finnish media is completely silent on the fascism and evil deed of Ukrainian right-wing sector, even though some years ago the Council of Europe has condemned this political extremist group. Even the Finnish humor programs have only ridicule and scoff to laugh against Vladimir Putin (and his funs). This finding was recognized also by a Russian immigrant, and she added with help of better understanding about Russian empire that Finland is as a little cranky dog – pooch  – who always barks bigger neighbor. In fact, the two Russian friends had just a gentle picture of a small Finland, which often behaves as little cranky pooch but still this pooch is sweet, even funny. In any way my friend cannot imagine that equally the Russian empire could feel any needs to mock  against itti-bitty Finland - against our precious little puppy.

Immigrant friend of mine told to us about a nice chance with her son’s reading experience. Her son is in a Finnish school . That Russian boy was proud of the way he knows world map. So the boy was talking to her mother and said that he may show from her magazine, where is in Crimea and Ukraine. This Russian magazine described the maps of the Russian Empire. A little boy was confused, "Where is Ukraine, where is the Crimea? Where? " Both were, of course, natural part of the Russian Empire. The little boy did not recognize the borders, because the map expressed old places and the map did not include any word of some “Ukraine”.  In fact the name “Ukraine” has been used first time since the twelfth century,  in Hypatian Codex in 1187 (meaning “outskirts”, “borderland”), but still during the 18the century and later Ukraine was better known in Russian Empire as the official and ecclesiastic term “Little Russia” (Malaya Rus”) or “New Russia”.  The names are not so important, but the core is that the Crimea has now received the opportunity to develop. My Russian friend told about his friends that live in the Crimea. They as also whole people are not overjoyed that the Crimea got and found HOPE. Now the area has chance to develop. The whole country was in ruins. Therefore these people thank for Russia and Vladimir Putin.


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