lauantai 12. huhtikuuta 2014

That’s why I say farewell: The word is already empty and dead on the battlefields of West’s infowar

About ten years ago I was naive and childish; I believed the lie that the Internet discussion forums and blogs have something relevant to the honorable rights activists that support good friendly relations with Russia. Since then, I have seen that Minister Heidi Hautala was apparent fired, but without any day under unemployment benefits she started get many thousands of dollars of pension and even the evangelical-Lutheran church began to buy consulting work from her - who is not known to have ever belonged to a church. When I got out of the vicar office as a defender of human rights, because Miss. Heidi Hautala, among others, came up with the requirements of the penalty against me, I had to beg for unemployment benefits. It has been a big lie to believe that through expressing opinions on the Internet we would have any positive effect: only the hyenas will increase.

Fool, who thinks he's learned, it is not as bad as the scholar, who thinks he's learned. We can say that the fool who thinks he's learned, it is not as bad as the scholar, who think that he has the effect on something through the Internet’s blogs and Facebook . This is running obscene "pissing scam" that we take part into apparent freedom of expression on the internet, although in the end the word has become empty, the word is no longer relevant: the word is empty and dead on the battlefields of West’s infowar. By speaking and spreading of the empty word, we are wasting a change , because we believe the lie that the word would mean although the truth is empty to the players and fighters of West’s infowar . Only your status has an impact: even silly word is rich and heavy when you pronounce it from your high social status.

Even more stupid is that I naively thought that real hard cases and good examples are significant.  So I'll tell you the good things about my life, travels and hobbies, as we do in our Facebook or blogs. I want to share my joy, so that the world could become happy – even in topics related to Russia. In fact, I freely and naively stick my neck out, even only hyenas need information though these stories and information. Why should I, therefore, tell with words and pictures, that I am now in the Black Sea, Moscow or on the football field in East-Helsinki? Charity and dialogue are lost; there are no fellow negotiators on the battlefields of West’s infowar. Who taught the lie that a blog is an online diary? Diaries let them be more private and secret. This is a world in which the Internet operates for the needs of the information war; we are writing our posts in war zone. Information war attacks are directed against the Russians and the “Kremlin – minded”. “Kremlin-minded” conversationalists and their topics are threats to Western ruling circles.

Significant Russian population lives in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland and in Georgia. In these countries, it would be able to also thank the Soviet Union for the liberation from fascism. In the Baltic region, we cannot even use  definition “a Russian minority " because the definition of a minority does not recognize the rights of the Russian population to live fully and perfectly for their own socio- political ideology and cultural traditions. In Tallinn, half of the population speaks Russian language as their mother tongue. Definition “minority” is the EU's devilish mask that allows these states to protect small power elite and to create mass psychosis in the name of Russophobia (Anti-Russian sentiment). With help of the wrath against Russia and the Russians, we will not win any economic benefits - only a few directors win some personal privileges: the tensions against Russian Federation prevent the development of the economies, hinder trade and investments. Europeans are drawn into the conflict by image editing where Russian would be an enemy: the image is the propulsion for the needs of political adventurers who wish to preserve their power and fade into obscurity financial difficulties, social problems in Europe and the United States of America.

I have been naive when I believed that a single blog has also some effect in correcting the above-described Western psychotic image: mainstream media produce evil propaganda with power of big money. It's not any longer some “dialogue”, in which one puts up his own prejudices , but the other wants fix wrong images . Now it is the full-time info -war battleground. The discussion does not exist.

The European Russians have a high level of education. That is exactly what is needed for economic and industrial development. Russian intellectual and economic potential is high. All of this is certainly understood among the Western decision-makers in so far as they honestly make conclusions on the situation. Russian-speaking population in Europe is an undeniable advantage for the EU's development, if cooperation and liaison between civilizations are active: it would be the right and the most direct route to European prosperity.

One might ask why Europe rejected the most direct and the right route to the European prosperity. We do not live in any open civil society and dialogical Europe, where the bias could be corrected by the right information. Europe and America went to infowar . In Hitler's Germany, too, it would have been a crazy person, who as an individual publicly announces his own dissenting opinions.

Russia boycotts strike directly, or at least create disturbances against European Russian population, which would be very active in trade with Russian Federation. Russia boycotts are part of wider construction of distrust against the Russian population, as well as against “Kremlin – minded” persons. It is a psychological propaganda which caters to the needs of the U.S.’s leadership on the battlefield:  both in the media and on the Internet. When I don’t any longer continue writing for my blog and Facebook , so I am not a front fugitive from our battlegrounds , but I will be “the least partisan” who does not naively declare all about my  affairs. I just walk quietly and live my simple live in peace without blog, without real-time Internet and without smart phone. In the end, the poor man’s life is simple.

U.S. wants to remove the political neutrality (that is: the actual independence) from those European countries in which U.S. wishes that they are just humble vassals , such as Estonia , Latvia, Lithuania , Moldova, Ukraine , Sweden, Finland and Georgia . The fear has been built by imagination that “Russia would attack”, that these countries would surrender into the hands and arms of U.S. and NATO. Panic feelings have been strengthened by the intimidation that supposedly Russian criminals and security services would invade into our country under the guise of the Russian-speaking population. In Finland, for example, Professor Timo Vihavainen has built the fear that the FSB wants to get involved in Finnish politics under the guise of the Russian population and it would be a threat to Finland's independence. Therefore, Mr. Vihavainen has even asked that in Finland it would be necessary to take away Russian citizenship from Russian population here!   In fact, Russia's interest in its own citizens is fully in line with all the other states and their interests to protect their own citizens and to appreciate their dignity and human rights.

In European and American info war, it is aim to create hostility and fear, but also to revive the old phobias, neurosis, and the mass of myths (common to fascist mass psychosis). Information warfare is needed because there is nothing other factor to drive our independent countries ”voluntarily"  into the NATO military alliance membership .

My personal conviction and individual coincidences in my life are indeed only “my personal business”. My words have become "empty words” in the circumstances, because the words are no longer in dialogue with the other party: that the other party is a machine, which does not recognize and does not need my humanity. That's why I focus only on what truly belongs to me, but I do not need to tell my own business on the Internet.

That’s why I say farewell!


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