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Putin's speech at Valdai was not “historically unique and extraordinary”

On both sides of "the troll-barricades", journalists have used superlatives and dramatizing harsh expressions of their own and "world's" feelings and reactions, when they have described Vladimir Putin's speech at Valday in Sochi. Thus also in Finland!

Finnish state broadcaster “YLE” and Jessikka Aro gave headline "the most severe criticism against the West since 2000" (10/24/2014). However, I would like to ask against YLE: "Just really?"

Even more worse words have been chosen by journalists Heikki Sipilä and Janus Putkonen in “Verkkomedia” (Network Media) 10/27/2014. The main source of “Verkkomedia” was not even the original speech in Russian language or in English translation from the web site of the Presidential Administration of the Russian President, but  German-language summary from a radio station. This shows the laziness of journalists, when they do not turn to the original speech, even the speech would have been described extremely strongly for its significance and shocking power, " Putin  shrugged in Sochi: World before Valdai and after." [2] 

It is widely spoken that the world before the bomb at Hiroshima or the world before the Holocaust - and after, but is it really appropriate to use that kind of expression of one's speech at Valdai?

The Finnish journalists of “Verkkomedia” wrote also a nasty little mistake, when they wrote “Sochi” in Finnish language, although such city does not exist. We should write ”Sotši” in Finnish language (Rus. Сочи). According to SFS 4900 national standard Russian ч-letter is transliterated  “ or “tsh”, but only according to English standard "ch".

A more serious problem is that the “Verkkomedia” joins to the dramatic use of language, and even exacerbates it. As a Christian man I ask critically how  and why the world would be different before Putin's speech and after. I think that such a pivotal moment was Jesus’ Passover and Pentecost, but after “Holy History” all other acts and speeches are only relative.

Journalists Sipilä and Putkonen referred to a statement of Dmitri Simes, Director of Nixon-Centre, who told that "it was a very strong message." At this point, it can be agreed: certainly we can say that Putin had a very strong message. But the determination of the speech as the unique and extraordinary turning point, so that we could meet our world only through glasses "before the Valday-speech and after", is naïve thinking or  inappropriate propaganda. The content of Putin's speech was totally normal and there was nothing surprising, even though it was undoubtedly a good and important speech.

It is not responsible to exaggerate the historical significances of the speech and the current minute. Overstatements and exaggeration can only encourage to wrong impression according to which at the moment Vladimir Putin and Russia would fiddle big fight with own transition moment and identity, or something like that! In fact, in that speech Putin said strongly that Russia's policy is very peaceful, long-term and consistent![3]

I do not see any dramatic changes in Russia's operation. Rather ,Russian Federation has been determined, wise and prudential throughout the 2000s. Russian policy does not appear suddenly from a vacuum, it doesn't even come only from Vladimir Putin's thoughts, but Russia's development is influenced by many external and internal factors: policy actions take place in an interactive situation.

[1] Jessikka Aro 24.10.2014. Putin syytti taas länsimaita Ukrainan kriisistä – ”kovin länsikritiikkiä sitten vuoden 2000”. YLE http://www.freezepage.com/1414481086RBHXBBWSUW

Jessika Aro 24/10/2014. Putin accused the West about Ukrainian crisis - "the most severe criticism against the West since 2000". YLE http://www.freezepage.com/1414481086RBHXBBWSUW

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Heikki Sipilä, Janus Putkonen 27/10/2014. Putin shrugged in Sochi :World before Valdai and after . http://www.freezepage.com/1414481426DBMMZZDQUS

[3] Juha Molari 27.10.2014. Vladimir Putin “Valdain” kansainvälisessä keskustelukerhossa 24. lokakuuta 2014 Sotšissa http://juhamolari.blogspot.fi/2014/10/vladimir-putin-valdain-kansainvalisessa.html

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