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"Mole’s work" (dirty dark action) as a Finnish foreign policy tool

Mr. Jon Hellevig has expressed bitter feelings on Facebook, when the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö had censored him out of the Newsweek’s interview. American newspaper, Newsweek, had contacted Hellevig because his views were held with interest. However, the Finnish foreign policy reacted violently and insisted to change the article in this American newspaper. Official Finland strengthened that requirement by all sorts of ugly allegations against Mr. Hellevig. Then Newsweek removed Hellevig’s information. At the same time, dirty campaign, led by obscure men, was started in Finland's foreign policy. They attacked against Mr. Hellevig’s reputation and qualifications through their many comments.

Mr. Jon Hellevig reacted strongly and emotionally to the dirty campaign. I suppose that the current disappointing also raised memories of the Russian channel RT, for which Jon Hellevig gave earlier statements, but then the Finnish foreign policy’s “moles” managed to convey the ugly allegations against Mr. Hellevig so that RT does not use any longer Mr. Hellevig’s interviews. Clearly after Newsweek experience and after the Finnish foreign policy’s disaster, Mr. Hellevig has been bitter - even angry - including against RT-channel.  The current accident is restoring the memories of the old trauma.

I wrote in a Finnish-Russian business newspaper "Russian trade route" from its very outset, when in years 2003-2004 I was actually arranging the newspaper in St Petersburg. Probably I wrote over a hundred articles on economic policy. However, in 2010-2011 it began a very harsh campaign against me: “Finrosforum”, working with help of Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry financing, produced a dirty campaign together with Kavkaz-Center. They had their own network, which actually formed the dirty work of the moles in Finnish foreign policy. Alongside that these dirty moles attacked against my professional duties and against my vocation, they organized “mole’s work” by contacting the business newspaper and its client companies so that my writing would end at that magazine. A Russian background person, an immigrant, was the editor in chief: she was very nervous from these contacts (the so-called public or secret “condemnation”). The newspaper would still approve my articles, but the newspaper wouldn’t any longer mention my name as the writer. Thus I finished these writings, because I didn’t’ even get any payment, and now even my name was censored out. 

After that I wrote almost a year for Russian state’s English-language RT channel. A director from RT channel, Anastasiya Serdyukova, told to me via email that the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Finnish Embassy in Moscow had been very angry against me. So suddenly without any prior warning, the RT announced that I shall no longer write for them. The dirty mole’s work of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was successful against me.

I cannot say exactly what the Finnish Foreign Ministry has issued on their "notification", surely false and disinformation against me, but at the same time a spokesman from Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Miss. Hanni Hyvärinen, wrote on Facebook with Mr. Jukka Mallinen that they have a project against me and Mr. Johan Bäckman.  Miss. Hyvärinen expressly used the word "mole’s work" when she defined the Finnish Foreign Ministry's work methods against us. This is also the case with current public discourse about “trolls army” and “Russia’s information influence in Finland”: the aim of the stigmatization is the create the impression that these people are not reliable. These Finns would be unreliable human beings, when they assess critically Finland's new foreign policy and military policy. It is not any question about any fact, as if finding something about Russia’s information influence in Finland, but it is nationwide, smear campaign in order to create indoctrination so that Finnish majority would certainly be humble and obedient under Washingtonians hate campaign against Russian Federation. The problems are only such Finnish individuals who dare to think out loud in a different way.

I know that at the same time also a minister from the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Miss. Heidi Hautala, had made a criminal complaint against me and some other people.  According to police documents, the Minister even draw up her criminal report against me TOGETHER with the management of "Finrosforum" and "Kavkaz-Center". This criminal complaint was reported sharply in Finnish media. So “moles” created the false impression that I would have done something evil and criminal. Through EU Parliament’s President, Miss. Hautala asked also Russia's attention. RT-channel got denunciations, where I was described as a criminal as if I had written obscenities and inferior lies against the Minister Hautala. Later in Finland, the presecutor said that he doesn’t even send Hautala’s requirements to judicial proceedings because no crime has taken place.

After RT-channel, Iranian Ambassador and the Embassy in Kulosaari (Helsinki, Finland) requested that I would work for them as a kind of less press attaché. I warned them already in advance that it is not a good idea to talk about it publicly, because certain enemies would surely attack immediately.  According to him, the matter is suitable to speak publicly, too. Perhaps this benevolent Iranian ambassador didn’t think about how crooked and wicked Finland can really be. Already during my first working day, Finnish moles attacked with help of dirty campaign around the world into Iranian embassies, and these embassies contacted the Iranian ambassador to Finland. They complained that the Mossad agent would have been recruited for the Iranian Embassy in Helsinki! As a result of the pressure, my job ended on the first day. Again, dirty mole’s work was successful. Indeed, at that time, I felt the matter very deeply emotionally: I was angry against the moles.

Nazi-hunter Ephraim Zuroff visited in Finland. His visit was organized by the so-called Finnish antifascists. So from a same computer did dirty letter set off to the Iranian embassies around the world, and so from the same computer dirty “information” was posted to Mr. Ephraim Zuroff against me as if I was an enemy of Israel, as Iran-friend! Thus “moles” turned in both directions: the first one was the Israeli Mossad agent and a second Iran agent! The goal was of course to ruin my field.  And the dirty moles were successful! In addition, the US Embassy in Finland draw a dirty letter (non-public letter), where they described these Finnish anti-fascists as critical persons against Israel. I was not, however, defined in this letter! Because of my poverty and the other responsibilities I didn’t take part into Ephraim Zuroff’s meetings in Finland. Furthermore, the US Embassy hired a Russian ex-police chief (from Murmansk), who was an asylum seeker in Finland: under the name of this police chief, the US Embassy released defamation and lies against me in their own information bulletin. This ex-police chief confessed his sins later in year 2014 in Russian media, but Finnish media has been totally silent about U.S. Embassy's dirty actions against Finnish citizens!

I have also had “angry feelings” toward the Russian media, because the Russian media is not brave enough, “upright”, but rather unfortunately the Russian media sometimes is listening too much to Finnish “moles” (voles). The moles from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs have too often managed in their dirty campaigns. I am not, however, directly "angry", but rather more “disappointed”. I think that the Russian media and the state administration do not always adequately understand how dirty the “mole work” of Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is. Russo-phobic parties and circles can unfortunately operate up in the Finnish state administration and the Finnish army, as well as in prestigious institutes, but for tactical reason they can refer even to relations between Finland and Russia, but in fact they are operating against Russia: their aim is to spread evil stories against the Finnish persons, who are really Russian friends.

I think there is no reason to be angry with the Russian media and the Russian state regime, but personally the most important thing is to maintain composure, calmness and tranquility. In Finland, we may be angry only against “moles”, and against their leaders in the President Administration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland.  They have done evil against the freedom of expression and opinion freedom. They do not tolerate those Finnish people who are sufficiently sharp and who have language skills enough (as Jon Hellevig, Johan Bäckman, Peter Iiskola) that they can uncover Finland's political machinations against Russia, and they don’t miss even Finnish kinky flirting with NATO and the USA.

Finnish government's consistent operating strategy has been over and over again so-called “driftwood-pretense” (in Finnish “ajopuu”), and thus Finland is showing the innocence to Russia and its own people, but in fact Finland’s leaders systematically infiltrate ever closer to the united front against Russian Federation. Against the Finnish “driftwood-pretense”, such learned people as Hellevig, Bäckman and Iiskola are a threat and a challenge, because they do not allow false pretense. Unfortunately, the channels are scarce, and they are left too alone as dissident: thus expressions are sometimes unnecessarily strong – because in Finland no one would listen to implied reasoning. Russian media should provide better opportunities to the peaceful argumentation in severe cases.

As far as my own situation now, so I’m already a quiet and peaceful marginalized Finnish man, who has no income, no influence and no important political networks. 


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