perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

As a result of the repressed misery that Finland is under Western political and military bloc

In my own small role have I often criticized about the fact that the State of Finland and the Finnish people have become victims of the political and military machinations: Finnish political and military elite is fond more of dollar paid cabinets and there obtained approval, than of the proxy or the legitimacy of the Finnish people. Still, I did not believe that Finland's political and military elite were so badly repressed the misery as it now transpires, when Finland is under Western political and military bloc. As a result of the repressed misery and Western block, I have to check my own activities so that it would be better consistent in terms of social responsibility in Finland.

So far it has been strictly protected secret that I have taken part into planning and organizing (as a primary person) for an enormous economic forum in St. Petersburg and Moscow (for years 2016 and 2017). In December 2015 I visited in the Russian Embassy in Tehtaankatu (Helsinki): I felt it would be important that the Russian government would support this Economic Forum. And the atmosphere was still pendent, because the Prime Minister Juha Sipilä would visit in Russia in January 2016, as it was secretly known. Then I would know more about the prospects for the economic relations between Finland and Russia. I think that Russian prospects have been good and wholesome spirit to build excellent neighborly relations, which would benefit especially the Finnish people and Finnish entrepreneurs. I've been in contact for some governmental institution in Russian Federation, too. Finally my role would be in “secret” framework for the public event, where would be displayed other “responsible” and “talking heads” from well-known Finnish and Russian names.

From my own moral consciousness, this enormous promotion for Finnish companies with help of this Economic Forum is not possible any longer after miserable fact that Finland has already opened own doors and given up its soil to the American war machine. I should not possible to operate under the two cross-type morality in my own country: as if to build good relations and promote collaboration, but at the same time official Finland builds military and political tensions against Russian Federation. Consistent with the choices of the Finnish Government and the President Sauli Niinistö’s two-way operations (both public and hidden), then the above-mentioned Economic Forum is unlikely to be achieved during the current Finnish Government and the President Niinistö, at least as far as the connections will be built by my own activities.

Disengagement from the political and economic struggle is especially necessary for the reason that I again want to become a priest, which will search for the balance of the life from another higher horizon.


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