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Earning funding through intimidation and Russophobia

The picture shows Bjorn Nistad, university researcher and doctor of historical sciences, at the Moscow Senate.

The discomfort of Dr. Bjorn Nistad, a research fellow in Russian culture at Oslo University, with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee began dramatically, when he, as a researcher, wrote careful pieces without any incitement in Aftenposten (a well-known Norwegian newspaper) on 15/04/2010 and 05/02/2010 in which he asked whether the Norwegian regime really knows enough about acts by Chechen separatists in their home country.

At the “World without Nazism” conference at the Moscow Senate in December 2010, I met this university man face to face. We were astounded at the similarity of our harsh fates, which so-called human rights organizations can inflict on researchers for the sake of their Russophobic agenda.

The picture shows, on the left, Petri Krohn, chairman of the Finland without Nazism association; in the center researcher Bjorn Nistad; on the right Juha Molari.

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